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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Latest Trailer Supports the Biggest Gadget Rumors

The last Pokemon scarlet and violet The trailer gave fans a ton to chew on, revealing several overriding themes about the new franchise. Perhaps the biggest eye-catcher is, similar to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, how much the game pair focuses on time. The biggest freebie of this comes in the form of Pokemon scarlet and violetThe new legendaries of Koraidon and Miraidon, as the former looks more like an ancient lizard, while the latter looks more like a futuristic mechanical lizard.


Yet there are traces of it everywhere. For the very first time, Pokemon scarlet and violet feature different teachers and their names are not based on trees. Professor Sada appears in Scarlet, his name being based on the word “Pasada” or past. Professor Turo appears in Violet, his name being based on the word “Futuro” or future.

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This main theme of Pokemon scarlet and violet has already led to a ton of rumors and speculation, such as Koraidon and Miraidon possibly being the same base Pokemon, depicted in the past and future. Some have speculated that this is also the reason why the Pokemon scarlet and violet the name of the region has not yet been revealed, as it is actually two names like the Hisui/Sinnoh connection with one region named/set in the past and the other named/set in the future. This all makes sense, but given that this theme is deep, it has major implications for Pokemon scarlet and violetit’s a gimmick.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gimmick Rumors

For weeks, rumors, speculations and leaks have been pointing to an item for Pokemon scarlet and violet‘s gimmick, which has yet to be revealed. Many believe that it will somehow provide the ability to change a Pokemon’s type, either replacing one with a third type or adding a third type to the pool. The latter would no doubt be complicated, as they led with the former. For example, it could be that a Pokemon could change from a Fire-type to an Electric-type in the middle of a battle.

The emphasis on types, as seen in a city’s giant circle, has led many fans to believe this, with many also assuming that this ability is represented by a six-pointed star (based on the Japanese Pokemon scarlet and violet logos.) What is interesting, however, is how this new theme of Pokemon scarlet and violet very clearly related to it. The focus on time adds new context to the circle and star symbol.

Both could represent things that could tell the time. For example, the circle seen could be based on a sundial, while the star could represent the North Star (which can be used in conjunction with constellations to tell the time). These are small possibilities, but it makes sense with how much Pokemon scarlet and violet focus on time.

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How the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gimmick Rumors Logically Link to This Theme

Looking at the speculation that Koraidon and Miraidon are essentially based on the same Pokemon, the transition from one type to the other makes sense. Pokemon scarlet and violetThe Koraidon and Miraidon types of are currently unknown, but the most obvious answer is that one is Fire and the other is Electric. While a Pokémon Violet A leak suggests that Miraidon is rideable, it looks like the two are as many have inferred that the two Pokemon also look a bit like bicycles. That’s a bit of a stretch, but it means Koraidon is a fire-based form of travel (similar to a steam engine) while Miraidon is a more futuristic electricity-based form of travel. Fire-based energy precedes electricity-based energy.

So Koraidon could represent the past and essentially have time to be Miraidon (in a way) in the second game. It’s unlikely that this is technically possible for these Pokémon, but it would make sense in-game if pokemon scarlet took Pokemon back in time, with their items following logically, while Pokémon Violet moved Pokemon forward in time. It would be a logical extension of the space-time distortions in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The new Pokémon Pawmi is another good example. Although it’s billed as an Electric-type Mouse Pokemon, it’s hard to ignore how much it looks like a Fire-type Pokemon as well. Although some keystrokes are more difficult to identify and others undoubtedly depend on how Pokemon scarlet and violet defined evolution, or it could depend on each Pokemon, it could take the form of going back and forth between certain types. For example, the Rock type could be pushed forward in Pokémon Violet become Steel or pushed back into pokemon scarlet become Sol, depending on the Pokemon’s general design.

It’s harder to imagine how this could work for certain types like Fighting, Fairy, Dragon, etc., so maybe it’s something only certain Pokemon with certain types and designs could do. After all, it’s not like every Pokémon has a Mega Evolution. Maybe it’s more of a roulette wheel. That ultimately remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see some sense of time, past and future, tied to these next-gen gadgets.

Pokemon scarlet and violet out November 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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