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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Trailer Had A Sneaky Reference To Pokemon Black & White

Pokemon has released an updated look at the latest installment in the Pokemon series scarlet and violet, bringing an exciting new adventure filled with new Pokemon and easily missed references. The trailer was released as part of The Pokémon gifts of August 3showcasing the game as its release date draws ever closer.

The Scralet & Violet trailer gave more details on the new Pokémon forms and types, as well as footage of Paldea’s sprawling environments. Bright and sunny, the new region invites players to roam its open world. The game will delve deeper into the open-world RPG genre, delivering a Pokemon experience fans have never seen before.


However, among all the shiny new content, a few eagle-eyed Pokemon fans spotted a reference to an older Pokemon game. An NPC in the trailer had a recognizable logo on his shirt that hints at Pokemon Black & White’s Pokestar Studios.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet NPCs Pokemon Reference B&W

Pokemon Black & White was first released in 2010, marking the start of the fifth generation of the series. Placing players in the Unova region, the game brought a number of new features to the franchise: triple battles, fully animated sprites, and Pokémon movies.

A preview of the Pokestar Studios map

Players could create short and cute Pokémon movies at Pokestar Studios, located just above Virbank City. Expanding on the idea of ​​Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver commemorative photos, these films gave players a chance to interact with their favorites outside of battle. These films didn’t just pose mini-games – they were battles where players were supposed to choose moves that matched their desired storyline.

Unfortunately, Pokémon fans have yet to see the return of Pokestar Studios; however, a few fans spotted the Studios logo in the new Scarlet & Violet trailer.

Picture via Reddit

This NPC appeared for a brief moment, but fans quickly spotted the logo on his shirt. The tri-fold crown looks almost exactly like the Pokestar Studios logo. The original logo is bright yellow and looks more like a jester, but the similarities are undeniable.

Although this NPC could just be one of the Pokestar Studios movies, fans were quick to theorize what it could mean. It may just lend itself to a fun new Pokemaniac NPC design, giving a little nod to Pokemon Black & White. Others are hoping it might hint at a return from Pokestar Studios, though Pokemon haven’t mentioned anything that reflects that. Anyway, it’s a nice way to pay homage to a game that has changed a lot for the franchise!

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is set to launch for the Switch on November 18, 2022.

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