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Port of Chennai to form committee to regulate trailer overloading – The New Indian Express

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CHENNAI: The Madras High Court has ordered the Chennai Port Trust authorities to form a committee to prevent the overloading of truck trailers, which poses a serious threat to the safety of motorists and damages road infrastructure.

Judge N Anand Venkatesh passed the orders on a petition calling for action to be taken to prevent overloaded trailers from operating on public roads. He ordered the president of the port to call a meeting with the transport commissioner, the deputy police commissioner (north-traffic), the traffic director of the port of Chennai and the general managers of the container terminal operators CTIPL and CCIL. .

“At the meeting, a decision should be made to form a committee and certain guidelines should be written to ensure checks and balances in order to properly monitor and take action against those involved in the overloading of trailer trucks,” the judge said in the order.

In addition, the committee will be responsible for the proper follow-up to the directives to be drafted by the committee and the court will regularly monitor the progress made and ensure that some control is put in place against vehicle overloading. The chairman of the Port Trust has been ordered to file a report before the case goes to the next hearing on October 27.

The court noted that the petition portrays a very disturbing scenario caused by the overloading of trailer vehicles. The envisioned danger is quite understandable as Metrorail work continues through the city and the overload will cause the road itself to wreck, causing a greater disaster.

Stating that the Supreme Court has already given certain guidelines, the judge observed that there is no point in simply having guidelines, but that it is important to monitor them. The petition had stated that there is always a high risk of accidents due to being overweight. The petition says overloaded trailers cause road damage and fatalities, in addition to overturning vehicles.

Notice to SIC on Perarivalan’s request for information

Chennai: Madras High Court ordered notification to the State Information Commission (SIC) of a petition filed by Perarivalan, one of the convicts in the former Prime Minister’s assassination case Minister Rajiv Gandhi. By ordering an opinion, Judge MS Ramesh ordered the SIC to submit a response within four weeks. Perarivalan had approached the court asking for an order to provide it with the details of the communication between the TN government and the governor, on the Cabinet decision recommending the governor to order the premature release of the seven convicts in the case, on the basis for a decision of the SC. ENS

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