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Pull a trailer? | 2021-08-29

Landscaping companies and many other businesses use trailers. Make a safe trip when towing a trailer by following these tips from the Texas Department of Insurance.
Select the correct towing equipment. Check the weight capacity of your vehicle in the owner’s manual to make sure it can tow a trailer. It is extremely important to make sure you have the correct size hitch. TDI cites a Consumer Reports article that indicates that improperly sized hitches are the number one cause of trailer incidents.
Check your vehicle’s tires and trailer tires. “Your vehicle’s tires may require higher pressure when towing, as noted in the owner’s manual,” says TDI. “Inspect the trailer tires for dry rot and cracks, especially if they are stored outdoors. Even if the tires have a lot of tread, age can lead to tire failure. Always check that the lug nuts are tight.
Prepare in advance for unforeseen incidents. You’ll want to make sure you have at least one spare tire for your trailer, says TDI. Keep a jack and lug nut wrench for the trailer and its wheels, and keep the trailer wheel bearings greased.
Use wheel chocks. “Before unhitching the trailer from the towing vehicle, place chocks (sturdy wedge-shaped blocks) in front of and behind the tires on the trailer to prevent it from rolling.”

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