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rally art – Indonesia Teaser Trailer

We have spoken several times about the art of rallying. This little gem deserves your attention for a moment. For those who don’t know it’s a great tribute to when rallies were simplerand for those who have already completed it, this free extension will arrive later this year and is a new free extension after Kenya.

The jungles of Sumatra, Java and other Indonesian islands will be depicted with a beautiful palette of colors on our retinas as we speed through its dirt tracks with the classics (and less classics) that are included in the game while we enjoy another way of speed and cars.

You have it for 11 euros in Eneba and you can buy it here: rally art

Here is the latest funselector video of the gameplay of this extension which will arrive during the course of the year.

Physical Edition

Another novelty is that the game will have several physical editions, both regular editions and collector’s editions for consoles and PC. There are variations among the included items, ranging from a set of stickers and paper cars, to soundtrack cards and assorted enamel pins.

The game’s original soundtrack is also available for sale on vinyl for music lovers who wish to acquire it.

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