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‘Redfall’ release date, trailers, characters and everything we know

Announced during the Xbox E3 2021 Games Showcase, red fall is a brand new cooperative multiplayer game from Arkane Studios.

red fall follows a group of vampire slayers as they fend off an entire city overrun by the undead. It looks set to deliver exciting co-op gameplay, with each player able to customize one of four available characters to help build the team. It can also be played solo, for those looking to take on the vampire hordes alone.

Here’s everything we know about the game, from its initial launch trailer, release date, and gameplay.

Latest news

Redfall release date

Redfall. Credit: Arkane Studios

Currently red fall is slated for a 2023 release date. This is after a recent announcement by Bethesda of the game being delayed. We don’t know much beyond that except that it will land in the “first half” of 2023.

The game’s official site should be updated when pre-orders become available.

The game will be coming exclusively to Xbox Series X|S consoles and Windows PCs. It will also release on Xbox Game Pass, day one.

Ongoing game updates are available for those who join the Arkane Outsider service.

Redfall Trailer

During Microsoft and Bethesda’s E3 showcase, Arkane Studios released the game’s first official cinematic trailer.

The trailer showed off the game’s unique and stylish characters, who used their unique abilities to fight against super-powered vampires.

These evil leeches have blocked out the sun and isolated the island town of Redfall, Massachusetts, turning its people into slaves to their army or their food.

Redfall Gameplay

Redfall Layla vs. Angler
Redfall. Credit: Arkane Studios

red fall seems like a significant departure from previous Arkane Studios titles, with a heavy emphasis on co-op. The game is described by Bethesda as having “an ever-changing open-world environment that reacts to your choices and actions.”

Players can experience the world and its history through a series of heroes with different playstyles, which can be further customized. Co-Creative Director Ricardo Bare explains how Arkane’s latest game continues the tradition of making every game different from the last, saying: “Dishonored featured stealth.

Prey exploited tons of physics-related gameplay. Mooncrash introduces roguelike elements. Despite these differences, in all cases we remain focused on building a deep world and inventive game mechanics. It will be the same to red fall.”

Redfall Characters

red fall
Redfall. Credit: Arkane Studios

Arkane has confirmed the four heroes that will be playable in red fall, and promised that each character will have their own stories and relationship with the city of red fall.

  • Devinder Crousley is described as an “internet-famous paranormal investigator, hobbyist cryptozoologist, and aspiring inventor.” He brings weapons of his own creation to battle and wants to find out the truth behind the vampire onslaught.
  • Layla Ellison is a student of Redfall Technical University and also attended Aevum Therapeutics research center as an intern. Something happened there that left Ellison with strange telekinetic powers.
  • Remi de la Rosa is a combat engineer who worked as part of an elite Navy rescue service, working to help those in need. She brings a robot named Bribón to red fall to help rescue survivors.
  • Jacob Boyer is a former military sniper who was sent to the town of Redfall just before the sun went down. Unknown events left him “with a mysterious vampiric eye and a spectral crow that is never far from his shoulder”.

The Vampires of Redfall

Red Falls Vampire
Vampire of the Red Falls. Credit. Arkane Studios

Unlike vampires in other fiction, Arkane described his leeches as creatures “created after a science experiment went horribly wrong, and they continue to evolve”.

A handful of them have developed powerful abilities, specializing in certain tactics and combat approaches. Arkane teased a guy in the trailer, The Angler: a vampire who uses a psychic harpoon to steer players away from their team.

Beyond vampires, players can expect to face human cultists who revere vampires and hope to one day join them. To this end, they have created outposts everywhere red fall which the players are tasked with eliminating.

That’s all we know red fall until now. We will continue to update this page once we know more. In the meantime, be sure to check out everything we know about Starfield from Bethesda.

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