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dead island 2 has been in limbo for a long time since its announcement in 2014, going through multiple studio changes and direction changes that led the majority of people to forget about its existence and even think it was canceled outright.

The first one dead island caused a stir after the launch of its cinematic trailer, but despite mostly positive reviews and fanfare, the game fell short. Since the release of its sequel Dead Island: Riptide, the series has remained dormant – aside from the occasional story about the development of the sequel going awry. It looks like the game is still in the making, so read on for a breakdown of everything we know about it. dead island 2including release date, trailers, gameplay and more, we’ve got you covered.

Dead Island 2 release date

There is no release date or release window for dead island 2 as is. The game’s publisher’s parent group, Embracer Group, has suggested it could be a next-gen exclusive and release sometime in 2023, but there’s still no official word on when. where it will happen. If the 2023 release window is accurate, we might see a reveal this year, so we’ll update that when we find out.

Developer Dead Island 2

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Dead Island 2 development has been tumultuous to say the least, with several studio changes since it was first revealed. Originally, Yager Development, of Special operations: the line fame, was brought in to develop before being replaced by Sumo Digital in 2015. After four years, Sumo was then replaced by Dambuster Studios who developed Home front: the revolutionand as far as we know, these are the current developers of the project.

So far, only Yager’s version of the game has seen the light of day, complete with gameplay and a CGI trailer. It’s unclear if development has drastically changed direction under Sumo or Dambuster, but we’ll know for sure once we get an official preview of the game.

Dead Island 2 Trailers

Dead Island 2 Trailer

The first look we had dead island 2 was a CGI trailer in 2014, featuring a man jogging on Venice Beach in California, while everything around him turns into chaos as zombies devour members of the public and those still living in panic . Eventually, he turns around before a car drives towards the camera and splashes him. Cut to black, and we hear the voices of Jack Black and Aaron Paul as they bicker to leave.

Shortly after, the gameplay trailer debuted at Gamescom 2014. It showed pre-alpha footage as a player ran through a California suburb, shooting, slicing, and smashing zombies. He had an unmistakable dead island look, with the makeshift weapons and clunk combat of the first, plus some digging for a mission objective.

More recently, there was a leaked version of the game dated 2015, shortly before Sumo Digital took over development. It showed off more of what we saw in the Gamescom trailer, but since then we haven’t seen any of the Sumo or Dambuster versions. Presumably, we’ll get some form of gameplay if the title is revealed later in the year.

Dead Island 2 gameplay and story

dead island was an action-RPG that focused on melee combat and quests, and while our initial look at the sequel seemed similar, we can only speculate where the game has gone since then. It will likely have the same structure, but built after the last decade of technological evolution and design innovations.

The same goes for the game’s story. In the Yager version, it seemed to take place in various locations in California, with Los Angeles and San Francisco confirmed. It was to take place a few months after the original, with a new outbreak raging across the state of California, forcing the U.S. military to put it into full quarantine. It’s unclear if that’s down to the plan under Dambuster’s direction, but since the groundwork had already been laid, it would make sense to make the most of it.

Platforms Dead Island 2

Originally the confirmed platforms were PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but a brand new gen has since been released, and we’ve had rumors that it will be a next-gen exclusive, putting it on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Much of the information in this article is speculation, so we’ll be sure to update it carefully once we get official information on the Dambuster version of the game. That’s all we know so far. here dead island 2.

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