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The Marauders the closed beta is almost here, and if you’re dying for another extraction shooter in your life, you’ll definitely want to check it out. Follow in the footsteps of games like Escape from Tarkov, Marauders pits players against each other in space, with the goal of getting in, finding loot, and then getting out in the safest way possible. So if this sounds like your kind of thing, be sure to keep reading for all the info on the Marauders closed beta, including release date, how to access it, and game trailers.

Marauders join games like Escape from Tarkov and The boundary of the cycle in the PvPvE loot-mining genre, where you raid solo or in a squad of up to four players, aiming to claim as much loot as possible and escape with it. Contrary to the hyperrealistic or futuristic approach of his two contemporaries, Marauders aims for a more sci-fi, dieselpunk aesthetic that thrusts every player into the dangers of space. As a core feature of the genre, any items or gear you bring to each raid are lost on death, making every encounter and fight as tense as possible, as your items are always moments away from being wiped. .

Marauders Closed Beta: Release Date

The Marauders the closed beta release date is currently set for 4:00 p.m. BST/8:00 a.m. PT July 20and will last until 4:00 p.m. BST/8:00 a.m. PT July 25. This gives players plenty of time to try out the game if they missed the previous closed alpha, or to check out some of the new content in the game if they’ve already played it.

If you happen to be at TwitchCon Amsterdam on July 17, you can also catch a glimpse of the game earlier at the Team17 booth and the “Battle for the Void” LAN event taking place there.

How to Access the Marauders Closed Beta

How to Access the Marauders Closed Beta

If you want to access the Marauders closed beta when it begins on July 20, you will need to pre-order the game through the game’s website. Although you will play the game through Steam, it is currently not available for pre-purchase through the Valve-operated client, you so you have to do it directly on the game’s official website.

Pre-ordering won’t just give you access to the closed beta, as you’ll get a 10% discount on the game, as well as a Space Pirate Pack that will be redeemable when the game launches in Early Access in late 2022.

The next Marauders The closed beta and presumably any other pre-release access is currently only available on Steam, but the game will release on PC Game Pass when it reaches early access.

Marauders Closed Beta: New Content

New Marauders Closed Beta Content

The output of Marauders The closed beta also brings new content, including never-before-seen maps and weapons. Perhaps the biggest content change comes in the form of the two new raid locations, “Terraformer” and “Merchant Ship”. Terraformer takes the form of an abandoned agricultural center located on an asteroid shard, while the Merchant Ship is a new warship that hosts both long-range battles and close combat.

Marauders Closed Beta Merchant Ship

A preview of the new “Merchant Ship” map.

Along with that, there are also three new weapons to bring to the action, taking the form of the Klobb Submachine Gun, Heavy Thompson, and Scrap Bomb. These weapons will hopefully give you even more ways to approach combat and potentially give you the edge over your fellow space pirates in battle.

Finally, a handful of quality of life changes are also making their way into the game, like a quick loot option, collapsible bags, and additional cosmetic and audio effects. All of this should do the Marauders more enjoyable experience for players – at least, as enjoyable as hardcore space combat can get.

Marauders Closed Beta: Trailers

With the announcement of the Marauders The closed beta is of course accompanied by a trailer, which shows some of what awaits players during the next test period. We see a lot of combat, presumably PvP, as well as team play and a closer look at the inventory system.

Plus, we’ve got a look at some of the beautiful space views you can fly through before entering a ship. We certainly wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to stay there for the entire game, but I doubt many other players will let you do that for too long.

So that sums up all the information we currently know about the Marauders closed beta, including release date, new content, trailers and how to access them. Be sure to stay tuned for more Marauders content on the site when the closed beta goes live.

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