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Release date, trailer and crossplay explained

After years of hype, Dying Light 2 suffered from some unfortunate delays, which pushed the release date back a while. So when will Playstation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch users get to jump into this open-world zombie sequel?

Here’s all the info you need to know, including Dying Light 2The release date, trailer and crossplay feature of:

What is the release date of Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 is slated for release on February 4 on Playstation, XBox, and PC, but that’s bad news if you’re a Nintendo Switch gamer.

Developer Techland recently announced that release on the Nintendo gaming platform has been “moved to a later date.”

This means that fans may have to wait up to six months, i.e. August 2022, to play the game on the home console.

Technland didn’t provide many details about the delay, but they said the decision was made so that Switch gamers can get “the level gaming experience they deserve.”

The studio said, “In order to provide fans with the level of gaming experience that they deserve and that Techland wants to deliver, Dying Light 2 Stay Human The release date of (Cloud Version) on Nintendo Switch will be moved.

Techland has already talked about what fans can expect post-launch, including five years of game support, downloadable content, and additional locations.

Last year, a cloud version of Dying Light 2 was announced for Switch, becoming the latest installment of third-party AAA releases to receive a streaming release on the handheld console.

games like Control, Hitman 3, and Guardians of the Galaxy, are available via cloud streaming, which means the player needs a stable internet connection to play.

This game mode, naturally, has already been criticized in the past for stripping the Switch of its portable properties.

Dying Light 2 trailer:

If you were hit by the unlucky output delay, don’t worry. There are plenty in the Dying Light 2 trailer to get you excited.

The trailer begins with our protagonist, Aiden Caldwell (voiceover by Jonah Scott), as he escapes into The City to try and find his sister Mia. We soon find out that a man named Waltz previously separated the siblings, and now Aiden wants to know why.

As Aiden searches for his beloved brother, we get a look at the many locations that cross the city and a glimpse of the game’s supposed co-op as he roams the ground.

We are then immersed in the world at night after ‘the infected’ are mentioned, before glimpsing the zombies that players clash with. You’ll then be able to see various weapons, including a UV light, an axe, and the ability to smash mobs from the rooftops of buildings.

Players may also find themselves fighting humans at times, as there appear to be distinct groups resisting each other.

The trailer then ends with Aiden being annihilated by a powerful man, whose character we have yet to establish.

Check out the trailer for Dying Light 2 below:

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Will Dying Light 2 have crossplay?

If you were hoping to play Dying Light 2 alongside friends in a cross-platform adventure, you might be disappointed.

Technland has revealed that the game will not have a cross-play feature when it releases in February.

Tymon Smektala, the Lead Game Designer, for the episode was asked during a Twitch stream if Techland would launch the game with crossplay, to which he replied, “No, not at the moment, it won’t be available.

He also didn’t mention any future plans for the video game company regarding the release of the multiplayer feature.

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