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To downloadan Amazon Original series created and written by Greg Daniels, debuted on May 1, 2020. The show is set in the year 2033 when people can choose to have a “digital life extension”, whether they are about to die or simply choose to put end their life sooner in order to live as a download. Among the digital afterlife locations is the famous Lakeview, where residents can live in a relaxing compound next to a peaceful lake in the middle of the woods. There are several other options to choose from, some of which are Aeon from Panera Facebook, which is basically Las Vegas; Paradiso TuttiTempo, a romantic Tuscan location; and Nat-Géo Instagram Safari.

The show follows Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell), a generally nice guy with slightly nasty tendencies who works as a coding expert to create free download software called Beyond. He decides to upload after being injured when his self-driving car crashed into a truck. His wealthy girlfriend Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) funds his stay at Lakeview and takes every opportunity to hold that fact above his head. The downloads have angels helping them adjust to their afterlife, and Nathan grows very close to his angel Nora (Andy Hello), eventually developing feelings for her, which she reciprocates. As the season progresses, we find out that Nathan’s accident was actually not accidental and was actually caused by tampering. Nora does what she can, including secretly using her boss’ computer to search for information and recovering Nathan’s damaged memory files, to find out exactly what happened and who was responsible.


To download has received rave reviews to be funny and entertaining, albeit sometimes terrifying, as viewers get a glimpse of what their future might look like in terms of the afterlife. If we had a choice, would we want to die naturally or live forever in a digital paradise?

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What is the release date of Upload Season 2?

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To download Season 2 will be available to stream on March 11, 2022. Unlike Season 1, which had 10 episodes, this new season will only have 7 episodes. Hopefully that indicates that each episode is packed with even more drama. Fortunately, you can gorge yourself on the whole season at once because all 7 episodes will be released at the same time.

Watch the Upload Season 2 Trailer

Amazon Prime Video released the official trailer for Season 2 on February 23, 2022, just weeks before its premiere. In the trailer, which you can watch above, we get a glimpse of Nathan’s life in Lakeview now that Ingrid has uploaded. Nora returns with a new hairstyle and a new boyfriend. Does that mean her feelings for Nathan have changed? Hopefully they reunite in Season 2.

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Which Characters Will Return For Season 2 Download?

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Many real-world and Lakeview characters will return for To download Season 2. Main characters Nathan and Nora will once again be at the center of all the chaos. The following friends and family will also return for a second season:

Ingrid (Allegra Edwards): Nathan’s on-and-off girlfriend

Alisha (Zainab Johnson): Nora’s friend and colleague at Horizen

Luke (Kevin Bigley): Nathan’s best friend in Lakeview

Lucy (Andrea Rosen): Nora’s insufferable boss at Horizen

Long live (jessica tuck): Nathan’s mother

Nevaeh (Chloe Colman): Nathan’s niece

David (Chris Williams): Nora’s father

Characters we won’t see again include Nathan’s Aunt Fran (Elizabeth Bowenlisten)) who was killed in Season 1 while investigating Nathan’s death; Josh Pitzer (Scott Patey), an executive interested in buying Beyond and someone interested in investigating until he is found head-scorched by a fake scanner; and Jamie (Jordan Johnson Hinds), who was Nathan’s friend and business partner. Jamie was avoiding Nathan, creating suspicions that he may have been involved in the accident, but it turns out he had ignored Nathan because of the guilt he felt for meeting Ingrid behind Nathan’s back. .

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Who are the new characters and cast members in Upload Season 2?

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Paulo Costanzo will join the Season 2 cast as Nora’s new boyfriend, Matteo. Other than the kiss he and Nora share, the trailer doesn’t give us much more information about their relationship, like how they met or how long they’ve been together. Mackenzie Cardwell will be another addition, playing a character named Tinsley, a new customer service angel at Horizen. We’ll know more about these two characters on March 11.

What is the plot of download season 2?

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The season 1 finale ends on a suspense, Nora telling Nathan that she loves him. As if that weren’t enough, we find out that Ingrid downloaded herself so she could be with Nathan forever. We know Nathan has feelings for Nora, but now that she has a new boyfriend, will he try to make things work with Ingrid, or will he try to win Nora back? After all, it was Nathan who said in Episode 8, “You don’t run away from something you know is just because there are a few bumps in the road.”

We also found out in Season 1 that Ingrid’s father, Oliver, had a hand in Nathan’s untimely demise. Maybe Nathan will confront Oliver about his devious schemes or even present his recovered memory files to the police for Oliver to apprehend. It also seems that Nora and Aleesha want to use their information about Horizen to make a splash in the digital afterlife market and make downloading accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Will the download be renewed for more seasons after season 2?

Upload an image of Greg Daniels Robbie Amell
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Although there is no official release date, the authors are already in progress to create a third season. The second season was announced just a week after the premiere of season 1, so we can only hope that the pattern continues, and an official announcement will be made about the third season soon.

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