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Company of heroes 3 has finally been given an official release date, with the next entry in the legendary real-time strategy franchise slated for November. The first one A company of heroes was released in 2006 and has since been considered one of the best RTS games of all time. Since then, the RTS genre has seen a steep downfall disappearing from the gaming mainstream, but with the rise of PC gaming during the 2010s, the genre has seen a comeback in recent years. Relic Entertainment spearheaded it somewhat with the release of dawn of war 3 and age of empires 4and seek to pursue it with the third CoH Game. So find out everything you need to know about Company of heroes 3including release date, trailers, gameplay, etc.

Company Of Heroes 3: Release date

The Company of heroes 3 The release date was announced via an exclusive showcase with PC Gamer on July 12. It has been revealed that the game will be released on November 17, 2022, putting the release just four months away at the time of this writing. After its initial announcement in 2021, we weren’t given a release date or window, and it continued throughout the year and into 2022. It came as a surprise when it finally was revealed in July, and now players don’t have long to wait until they can play.

Company Of Heroes 3: Trailers

There have been quite a few different trailers for Company of heroes 3 thus far, and Relic has regularly posted developer updates on the official YouTube channel that detail various aspects of the game. The first trailer to be released was the official July 2021 trailer, which was a CGI trailer that showed Allied forces taking control of a Nazi-occupied town on the Italian coast. It was a fairly standard depiction of World War II combat, but it contained some of the basic elements of the CoH series, such as a scene where a tank blows up a building, causing it to fall on soldiers and kill them.

The second trailer came the same day as the announcement, which was a gameplay trailer. It featured pre-alpha gameplay of a mission where American troops stormed a waterfront before occupying a city by Nazi troops. It featured different stages of the mission, from the initial assault on the beach to destroying the anti-aircraft guns, and even displayed paratroopers behind enemy lines ambushing reinforcements coming to defend the city. It ended with Allied troops arriving in the center of the city and a call for a bombardment to wipe out the rest of the Nazi soldiers.

There were no major trailers for a while after that, aside from combat briefings which showcased various gameplay mechanics and dev diaries who expanded on the game further. The next notable trailer was the North Africa trailer that arrived on July 12, which was live action showing a local woman getting caught in the middle of a battle between Axis and Allied forces, before seeing smoke coming out of it. hometown in the distance. This basically revealed that the second major location for CoH3 was North Africa and also announced the release date.

Company Of Heroes 3: gameplay

Company of heroes 3 is an RTS and will play in many ways the same as previous entries, but it comes with a few notable additions to the formula to shake things up. One of the big new additions is the Tactical Pause system, which allows players to pause during the mayhem and issue commands that will be queued once play resumes. This is probably a feature to help new players who struggle with all the micromanagement of RTS games, with its tons of units, base building, etc.

The destruction system makes a return, but it has been significantly improved to be more granular, allowing for more specific destruction of individual tiles during gameplay. as resisters to Nazi forces. They can be used as reinforcements for real battles and play a role in the game’s dynamic campaign map.

The Dynamic Campaign Map is a specially added feature for the Italian Campaign, allowing you to take control of the invasion of Nazi-occupied Italy. This gives you the ability to plan and execute everything yourself by controlling companies and detachments, which are the main units. With these units you can start the fight by invading an enemy controlled city, take over objectives and control points, cut enemy supply lines and much more. An example of the kinds of choices this system offers is that you can prioritize capturing airbases to increase your reconnaissance air support or bombardment capabilities. There’s a lot more to this system, so check out the developer breakdown above.

Company of Heroes 3 Gameplay 2

Finally, it should be mentioned that the game is split into two different campaigns. There’s the dynamic Italy campaign where your choices can influence exactly how the Allied invasion plays out, including the overall narrative, which depends on how you interact with the game’s various commanders. Then there’s a North African campaign where you take control of the Deutsches Afrikakorps, which is more linear and straightforward, taking you through famous battles in this theater of war, such as Tobruk, El-Alamein, and more on the Axis side.

Company Of Heroes 3: Platforms

At present, Company of heroes 3 is only announced for PC, which makes sense as the genre has always been associated with PC due to the nature of their game mode. The original game later received ports for mobile and tablet devices, although that the second game never did. The game is unlikely to receive console ports, and after release the developers will likely spend time porting it to other PC operating systems, like Linux and OS X.

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