Extendable trailer designs

Remote control slurry trailer

UK manufacturer Tramspread has launched the first contractor trailer with its Teletram GSM remote control system.

Intended for use by a single operator via remote control, the design also incorporates a 200mm wider frame to allow it to carry more equipment.

Cleverly, the control system does not rely on radio connectivity, but can instead connect a mobile device, using its 2G to 5G data connection, to control one or more motor pumps.

The company claims that communication is not compromised by distance and multiple pumping units can be controlled by a single device. This, combined with pressure sensors and a flow meter, allows the entire umbilical system to be operated and monitored by a single person.

The remote control offers a 7-inch color screen that can be operated using a mobile device. The setup also includes Tramspread’s mapping and logging technology which can generate reports proving placement, area treated and volume applied.

Power is provided by a 175hp Iveco engine which drives a Bauer SX2000 pump, said to be capable of pumping up to 300m³ per hour, depending on distance and pipe diameter.

Elsewhere, up to 2,000m of drag hose is carried on two removable galvanized reels located at the front of the trailer, while a further 1,000m of pipe would typically be carried on the tractor’s front hitch, providing capacity system length of 3,000 m.

Detail changes see a longer drawbar, allowing an applicator, such as a drip bar, to be carried on the tractor’s rear linkage while towing the trailer. A 900 liter fuel tank is positioned on the twin spring axles with a remote controlled supercharger mounted above. There is also storage space for several vacuum hoses and a pair of handy tool boxes.


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