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‘Rowdy Boys’ trailer: love, camp wars, street battles – telugu news

The ‘Rowdy Boys’ teaser had established the rivalry between two warring camps. The “rowdy” side is led by the character of beginner Asish.

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In the trailer, the full scale of the film is palpable. In the second half of the trailer, we see the factional wars between the rival student groups snowballing out of control, with even cops called upon to act to tame them. The lead man’s aggressive behavior puts him in conflict with those closest to him, with his father (played by Srikanth Iyengar) and the person he loves (Anupama Parameswaran as a medical student) finding him immature and irresponsible. Sahidev Vikram plays a negative role.

Rowdy Boys Trailer: Of Love, Camp Wars, Street Battles

The hero trope being younger than the heroine is also introduced. “Witness the Madness,” the trailer says, inviting us to see how the two-man battle for one woman leads to violence, vandalism and bloodshed.

Rowdy Boys Trailer: Of Love, Camp Wars, Street Battles

Also starring Karthik Rathnam, Tej Kurapati and Komalee Prasad, the film is directed by Harsha Konuganti of “Hushaaru” fame. We rely on the music and BGM of Devi Sri Prasad. Madhie’s cinematography looks more than adequate in the trailer, as does Rajeevan’s production design and A Ramanjaneyulu’s artistic direction.

The film will hit screens on January 14.

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