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SAC 2045 Season 2 New Trailer

A purple-haired animated character holds a gun in a screenshot from the Season 2 trailer for Netflix's Ghost in the Shell series.

Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045 created in 2020 for poor reviews (including our own), and after some delays, Netflix finally released a trailer for the anime’s second season. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look much more interesting than the lackluster season.

Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki return to direct The loneliness complexwhich is based on the highly acclaimed near future sci-fi manga by Masamune Shirow, ghost in the shell. the Animation Film adapted from the manga was also well received (unlike the ScarJo Live Action version), but the latest adaptation, SAC_2045, fell flat for fans for a variety of reasons.

This trailer doesn’t seem to improve on the reviews the show received two years ago. Many of the empty sci-fi terms used in the previous season make a return (“enduring war”, “cyberbrain”), but so do references to genre mainstays. 1984 gets a shout out with a character declaring “war is peace. Freedom is slavery”, without any follow-up. No context. Just a lone man watching…something, I guess, saying whatever comes to mind powered by the AI.

I’d love to figure out what fully prosthetic cop-turned-mercenary Motoko Kusanagi is going to do in season two that’s different from the first, but there are so few emotional cues in this trailer that it’s nearly impossible to analyze who I’m supposed to care about, let alone who’s on Kusanagi’s side. The highlight of the trailer is the song choice; The Japanese band Millennium Parade (recently Beautiful acclaimed) has his song “Secret Ceremony” featured in the preview.

Between art and editing, this trailer feels frustratingly empty. Clearly the emotional catharsis is meant to be conveyed through big explosions and various characters opening their eyes very wide very quickly. After the sort of world-building established in the first season, this trailer feels more like an expansion of the universe than an expansion.

Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045 hits Netflix in May.

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