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She-Hulk Trailer Features Hawkeye Blink-and-Miss-It Easter Egg

A certain group of Hawk Eye gangsters are horny for She-Hulk: Lawyerbrother!

She-Hulk Showrunner Jessica Gao retweeted a screenshot of the show’s San Diego Comic-Con trailer with a subtle Tracksuit Mafia Easter egg. During the scene where Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk watches the viral reactions to one of her fights, a live commentator named @TrkSuit22 can be seen responding “she Hulk is hot bro”, echoing the Hawk Eye the gang’s unique preference for saying “bro” in sentences. Gao also revealed who came up with the idea to include the comment, writing, “I think credit goes to the great @OlneyAtwell for that detail!”

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Debut in Matt Fraction and David Aja’s acclaimed Hawk Eye run, the Tracksuit Mafia is a group of tracksuit-wearing Russian mobsters who become regular enemies of Clint Barton after he buys his building from one of their members. The comic was the main source of inspiration for Disney+ Hawk Eye miniseries, adapting not only the Tracksuits but also canine companion Lucky/Pizza Dog, Clint’s relationship with Kate Bishop, and even the design of Hawk Eyethe end credits. In the show, Clint begins to investigate the operations of the Tracksuits after learning that they stole a mysterious watch from an auction, eventually encountering Kate, who is wearing her old Ronin costume. This leads to the two archers becoming the target of the Tracksuit leader, Echo, who blames Clint for killing his father during his exploits as Ronin during the Blip era.

She-Hulk also features a number of cameos from modern and classic Marvel Studios projects, including Tim Roth as The Incredible Hulkby Emil Blonsky/Abomination. The trailer revealed that Jennifer will be representing Blonsky as part of her law firm’s new superhuman legal division, though Jennifer worries that this constitutes a conflict of interest. Benedict Wong and Charlie Cox will reprise their respective roles as Sorcerer Supreme Wong and Daredevil, the latter appearing in his classic yellow and red comic book costume. According to Gao, She-HulkThe writers were skeptical about whether they could include Daredevil due to its former Netflix status, stating, “when they told us yes, I mean, we couldn’t believe it, we thought we were being made a mistake of. prank call.”

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In the comics, Jennifer Walters gains Hulk-like powers after an assassination attempt forces her cousin Bruce Banner to provide a blood transfusion, thereby infusing her body with gamma blood. The exact means by which Jennifer receives her powers in the series have not yet been revealed, but several scenes show Bruce (replayed by Mark Ruffalo), training Jennifer to use these powers. Gao also cited Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s dark comedy Flea bag as a major inspiration for the tone of the series, with She-Hulk frequently breaking the fourth wall like she did in classic Marvel comics.

She-Hulk: Lawyer arrives on Disney+ on August 17.

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