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‘She Will’ Trailer: Dario Argento Produces IFC Thriller

Exclusive: Argento produced artist Charlotte Colbert’s wizarding thriller, which premieres at IFC Midnight on July 15.

What happens to the spirits of witches burned at the stake? For “She Will”, the power of supernatural femininity right the wrongs done to women. Artist Charlotte Colbert’s debut ‘She Will’ won the Golden Leopard for Best First Feature at the Locarno Film Festival before catching the eye of acclaimed ‘Suspiria’ filmmaker Dario Argento, who signed to produce the film after its world premiere. “She Will” premieres theatrically and on demand on July 15 on IFC Midnight, followed by a Shudder launch on October 14. Exclusive to IndieWire, watch the trailer below.

The gothic psychological thriller captures the dark story of fading film star Veronica Ghent (Alice Krige), who enters a healing retreat in the Scottish countryside with her young nurse Desi (Kota Eberhardt) to recover from an operation difficult surgery. As Veronica’s body rests, she focuses on her own emotional healing after being haunted by past traumas on movie sets endured as a young girl at the hands of a much older filmmaker, played by Malcolm McDowell.

As Desi and Veronica grow closer, Veronica suddenly unleashes a metaphysical power to exact revenge through her vivid dreams. Rupert Everett also plays.

“Charlotte Colbert’s ‘She Will’ powerfully captures the metaphysical horror of trauma and the supernatural power of nature,” said executive producer Argento. “And the greatest horror of all is in the mind.”

Argento added that the film is an “excursion into the world of sorcery, madness and dreams” to create an “intoxicating atmosphere and beautiful, elegant filmmaking”.

“I was impressed with director Charlotte’s portrayal of these worlds,” Argento said.

Director Colbert co-wrote the screenplay alongside fellow aspiring filmmaker Kitty Percy. The script made the 2018 UK list and was filmed in Scotland with editor Yorgos Mavropsaridis (“The Favourite”). Tech specs are excellent across the board, as the film is shot by Jamie Ramsay (“Moffie”) with an original score by Darren Aronofsky collaborator Clint Mansell.

Oscar winner Alfonso Cuarón said “She Will” “stands in the tradition of great psychological horror films”.

Writer/director Colbert said “She Will” surreally investigates muscle memory of trauma and how the body copes with pain. The process of making the film was almost as “mystical” as the screenplay itself, with Colbert writing, “The spirits of women of the past are given thanks in the credits because they may have been the ones who whispered this dream or nightmare to us. “

“She Will” is produced by Jessica Malik and Bob Last, and produced by Argento, Edward R. Pressman (“American Psycho”), Sam Pressman, Ed Clarke, Sam Cryer, Hannah Leader and Thorsten Schumacher.

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