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Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie Trailer Shows Unconventional Rom-Com Anime

A new trailer has been released for an upcoming romance anime titled, Shikomori is not just a cutie. The anime is produced by Doga Kobo, the animation studio behind 11eyesand has a similar twist with colorful characters and sleek animation.

Based on the Manga web series by Keigo Maki which began posting on the author’s Twitter account in 2018 before being officially serialized in Pocket Magazine in early 2019, Shikomori is not just a cutie (Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san in the original Japanese) can be your typical high school rom-com, except the roles of girl and boy are unconventionally reversed. Protagonist Yuu Izumi is an extremely unlucky individual, who often gets injured in the most absurd way. However, since he started dating his classmate Micchon Shikimori, Izumi is protected from his tendency to attract unfortunate accidents.


As the title suggests, Shikimori is not only incredibly cute, but also extremely cool and confident, always ready to spring into action whenever her boyfriend is in danger. In the trailer, we can see how the pink-haired girl pulls Izumi out of the way of an oncoming truck and then tells her, “Damn, don’t make me work so hard.”

Picture via AniTV

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These kinds of lines, along with Shikimori’s dependable and assertive nature, make it clear in the trailer that this anime plays with the gender role norms we usually see in romance anime and flips it, making the girl the “knight in shining armor” of the relationship as the boy is shy, clumsy and in need of protection.

The main voice cast of the series includes Saori Onishi like Shikimori, Shuichiro Umeda like Izumi, Nobuhiko Okamoto like Shu Inuzuka, Misato Matsuoka like Kyo Nekozaki, and Rina Hidaka like Yui Hachimitsu. Shikomori is not just a cutie is led by Ryota Itō with Shohei Yamanaka as deputy director. Yoshimi Narita was in charge of series composition while character design was handled by Ai Kikuchi. The anime’s opening song is performed by Nasuo☆ and the ending theme is by Yuki Nakashima.

Last January, the Manga series collected a total of 11 volumes and was licensed in English in North America by Kodansha.

Shikimori is not just a cutie will premiere on April 9, 2022. Watch the trailer below:

Picture via AniTV

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