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Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie’s First Trailer Showcases The Heroine’s Cute And Cool Sides

the Shikimori is not just a cutie anime received its first trailer. The PV features the rom-com’s central premise, which implies that its titular character has a side that’s both cute and cool, the latter of which her boyfriend is particularly fond of.

Shikimori is not just a cutie is slated to premiere on April 9. It is based on the romantic comedy manga by Keigo Makiwhich began in 2019 and has been collected into 11 volumes as of January 2022. The manga is serialized in Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket app and released under the KC Deluxe label.

Kodansha Comics describes the story as follows:

Shikimori seems like the perfect girlfriend: cute, fun, sweet when she wants it…but she has a dark, cool side that comes out in the right circumstances. And her boyfriend Izumi loves being there when it happens! A fun and funny high school romance with a sassy twist perfect for Nagatoro-san and Komi Can’t Communicate fans!

Core staff includes Ryouta Itou (Sing “yesterday” for me assistant director) as a director, Shouhei Yamanaka (Rebuild our life! assistant director Ep 1-7) as an assistant director, Ai Kikuchi (Princess sleeping in the demon’s castle) as a character designer, and Ryougo Narita (Durarara!! author) as the composer of the series. Doga Kobo is the animation production company.

Meanwhile, cast members include Saori Oonishi like Shikimori, Shuuichiro Umeda like Izumi, Misato Matsuoka like Nekozaki, Rina Hidaka like Hachimitsu, and Nobuhiko Okamoto like Inuduka.

Source: NBCUniversal Anime/Music YouTube Channel

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