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SIMS 4 Reveals Marriage Game Pack With Queer Romance Trailer

We have to give it to commercials recently. They nail the gay agenda. Earlier this year, we saw a Holiday-time Gay Santa ad that rivaled any Christmas movie. And now we have a new LGBTQ+ adventure from The Sims. Of course, we know it’s an effort to promote the latest downloadable content for The Sims 4. But still, when it gives us such a rich narrative, we can’t go wrong. And we might even feel thrilled to add that last one sims Wedding Game Pack, titled My Marriage Stories, to our range of extensions and extensions.

As voracious consumers of queer media, we’re proud that we knew where this story was headed right away. And honestly, The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories the trailer does a great job with its story. There are few things we love more than subtext that snaps into place and then launches right into the text. the The Sims 4 The wedding trailer shows us how women understand and relate to each other. It introduces the importance of friendship first. And the trailer even explains how queer women feel social pressure to get married, but the standard image might not be what they want. And honestly, the dramatic last-minute declaration of love at the altar kept us on the edge of our seats. This three-minute trailer hit us right on target with all of its twists.

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We even love how the abandoned groom takes it all in stride and loves and supports the happy women around him. Honestly, it’s a pretty quality representation of queer joy. Complete with a beautiful image of our leading ladies as older women, still fully in love. A beautiful and powerful visual.

The Sims Marriage DLC Game Pack featuring two older women in love (1)
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There are many things that could have gone wrong with a sims expansion of marriage. Corn The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories seems to have avoided these pitfalls. We celebrate and look forward to more openness. Something sorely lacking in the media genre of marriage. We’ve even glimpsed different cultural marriages the game will feature and hope they’ll be celebrated with the utmost respect.

The official site shares:

Meet Tartosa, the most romantic world in all of The Sims™ 4. The sunsets are breathtaking, the beaches are jaw-dropping, the gardens are stunning, and the waterfalls are awe-inspiring; Tartosa is a paradise made for love.

This idyllic world is the perfect place to celebrate your Sims’ nuptials, from putting on a ring to renewing vows, reflecting a real marriage and a happily ever after experience! You can creatively discover different sides of yourself to plan many versions of your Sims’ dream wedding: pre-ceremony festivities, attendees, decor, dress code, cake, venue, and more.

We cross our fingers that it delivers something of quality and representative of all. New sims Wedding Game Pack will launch on February 17 at 10:00 a.m. PT.

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