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Slitterhead Trailer Unveils New Horror Game From Silent Hill Creator

‘Silent Hill’ creator Keiichiro Toyama is back with a gruesome new game.

Image via Bokeh

A brand new trailer has been revealed for the newly announced game Slitterhead. This is the first game from Bokeh Game Studios, founded by Keiichiro Toyama, the creator of silent Hill and Mermaid with the elders of these series.

The trailer was revealed during the Game Awards 2021 and showed many disgusting and grotesque creature designs one would expect from a team with years of horror experience. There are very few details revealed about the game, but what was shown in the new CG trailer was a town overrun with people who were turned into insect-like creatures. Toyama has previously said he wants to make sure their game always sticks to the team’s horror roots. This will be the studio’s first title, which Toyama says was inspired by the directors. Fruit Chan Gor and Wong kar-wai.

Image via Bokeh

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Bokeh Game Studios was founded by Toyama alongside Kazunobu Sato and Junya Okura in August 2020. The game will also include music from another Silent Hill alumnus Akira Yomaoka, who has also worked on titles such as Killer is dead, Lollipop chainsaw, and The way. It was also announced last month that the visual director of mega man and Breath of fire as well as the character designer on the devil can cry 4 and The devil can cry 5, Tatsuya Yoshikawa. While Toyama is known for his role in one of the most influential video game franchises, he has been working on a horror game since the 2008s. Mermaid: Curse of Blood while working on horror-free projects like the gravity rush series. It is for his work on this series that Toyama received the Outstanding Performance Award at the 16th Japan Media Arts Festival and the Excellence Award at the Japan Game Awards.


Slitterhead does not have a currently announced release date or platform. You can watch the trailer for the upcoming title below.

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