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Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi ‘Double XL’ Trailer Review

There have been many Bollywood films that have addressed the issue of fat shame, but there are many more that have shame themselves. It’s about time we had a movie where tall women get the portrayal they deserve, and it looks like our wish has been granted.

Sonakshi Sinha has just shared the trailer for his new movie, Double XL, on her Instagram account and it looks super promising. Sinha and Huma Qureshi star in the lead, and according to the trailer, the movie is all about body positivity and self-love.

You can watch the trailer here:

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What is the film about ?

The film appears to be about two women, Rashi Trivedi from Meerut and Saira Khanna from Delhi. In the trailer, they are about curvy, curvy women who also have dreams and ambitions and the society that belittles them.

There are hundreds of women in India who are laughed at for their weight. Many of these women are not allowed to achieve their dreams just because of their looks. In the trailer, Huma states that “iss film ki kahaani sunana zaroori hai, ” because there are a lot of women who are denied what they want because of their looks.

Double XL trailer review
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It seems like Double XL will address the very important issue of body shame in Indian culture.

The culture of fat shaming

In the trailer, Sonakshi and Huma laugh at their weight. While they talk about it as a joke, there are some deep-rooted social issues that come to the fore.

Image Credit: Instagram / aslisona

Huma says: “Hamare desh me big shame karna garv ki baat samajhte hai journal, and it is not far from the account. The trailer also explains how Huma and Sonakshi were both ashamed when they started Bollywood.

Huma has been called “too fat” to be a prominent woman in the movies and Sonakshi has been relentlessly trolled on social media with people leaving mean comments like “motakshi” on her photos, videos and promotions. .

A step in the right direction

Image Credit: instagram / iamhumaq

Although there is greater awareness of body shame and fat shame in India, not much has changed for many people across the country. Women are judged on their looks and weight when it comes to marriage, dating, and even jobs! This leads to mental health issues, eating disorders, etc.

It’s high time we saw a narrative on the big screen that championed body positivity and love for our bodies. After all, it’s a message millions of young women need to hear!

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