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Square Enix Reveals Outriders Worldslayer Trailer Ahead of June 30 Release

Outriders turned a lot of heads when it was first released last year. It was one of the first games to launch on Game Pass and people flocked to it. Unfortunately, the ugly truth couldn’t help but surface as the allure of the honeymoon phase faded. What was left was a game that was well past its weight class and getting bigger than People Can Fly could handle.

Outriders Worldslayer could be People Can Fly’s chance to finally make some money with one of 2021’s biggest surprise hits.

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Check out the new Outriders Worldslayer trailer

Fast forward over a year and several patches and updates later, Outriders finally gets its first major piece of post-launch content.

As first revealed last year, Outriders Worldslayer is releasing this month and just received its first trailer at Summer Games Fest.

Apparently, that’s not all the Outriders content we’re getting this week. According to Square Enix, Outriders fans can look forward to another upcoming show, Endgame. According to the game’s publishers, the Endgame show will reveal more about everything there is to know about Worldslayer.

Endgame will begin streaming today, June 10, at 7:45 p.m. UK time on Twitch.

Outriders is a weird game. For one, Square Enix promoted Outriders last year as the company’s next big franchise. We also saw how it proved that video game demos still work in our time. But, despite all the praise, People Can Fly confirmed that the game didn’t turn a profit at all. Despite this lack of financial success, Square Enix insisted on retaining the intellectual property following its previous fire sale to Embracer Group.

If Worldslayer is successful, People Can Fly might be prompted to come up with another expansion before working on a sequel to Outriders.

Clearly Square Enix sees a future with People Can Fly and Outriders. Hopefully the IP can start making money for its developers and publishers after the release of Worldslayer.

In other news, Square Enix is ​​still set to hold a showcase for Final Fantasy VII later this month as part of the iconic JRPG’s 25th anniversary celebration. Meanwhile, we just learned that Forspoken is set to release in October with Final Fantasy XVI slated for summer 2023.

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