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Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Trailer Easter Eggs

Star Trek: Picard released a new trailer last week for the show’s highly-anticipated new season on Paramount+, and fans have been on the verge of obsessive behavior trying to parse out what to expect for the latest adventure of Jean-Luc Picard in Final Frontier.

It looks like the retired admiral, who cheated death last season by dying but was loaded into a new advanced synthetic body, is using his second chance at life for a reunion tour with some Star Trek: The Next Generation favorites – Q (John de Lancie) and Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) – as the former seems to send Picard on a journey through time again. In the new trailer, Picard and his shipmates aboard La Sirena are seemingly forced to travel back in time to 21st century Los Angeles, and in doing so, arrive in the year 2024 to find another alternate timeline. who first appears to have ties to the Vulcans. contact with the human race, as well as the Borg queen.

Looking at the new trailer, here are some deep cuts and Easter eggs to Trek‘s past we found.

Slingshot around the sun

Picard and his crew’s method of time travel seems to take a page of Star Trek IV: The Journey Home, spinning the La Sirena slingshot around the sun en route to Earth 2024. The stolen Klingon bird of prey that Kirk used to travel back in time to 1986 to acquire two humpback whales made the trip using the same means. (Hoping that La Sirena’s calculations for time travel are as solid as Spock’s.)

Some Familiar Ships

Chasing La Sirena after it travels back in time, two classes of starships fans haven’t seen in a while: a Nova class and a Steamrunner class can be seen firing weapons at the ship from Picard.

the The Nova-class ship (left) is the same design as Captain Ransom’s Equinox from the popular Star Trek: Voyager Two-part season 5 finale, “Equinox.” As for the Steamrunner-class starship on the port side of La Sirena above, this class of starship made its first appearance in 1996. Star Trek: First Contactanother big-screen adventure back in time with Picard.

Welcome back, Guinan

While Whoopi Goldberg’s return to Trek is not an easter egg, some fans have taken to linking this official still from picard Season 2…

…and this one from 1994 Star Trek: Generations. (Obviously, that’s just a happy accident. But our supreme Trekdom can’t let such a coincidence go unnoticed.)

We’ve seen this alley before

Picard beams down a city street in a mansion that seemingly echoes Kirk and Spock’s time travel through the Guardian of Forever in the classic Original series episode, “The City on the Edge of Eternity”.

The same poster promoting a boxing match that appears behind them was also on the brick wall of the driveway in “City” and in the Deep Space Nine Season 3 in two parts, “Past Tense”.

Also, eagle-eyed viewers will notice that the license plate on the vehicle parked on the sidewalk next to Jean-Luc reads “S02 E01,” which stands for “Season 2, Episode 1” for picard. Fans can see how this scene plays out in the first episode.

star trek 3 Call back

In 1984 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, a bar that Dr. McCoy visits has a neon sign for Arcanis Lager. Take a look at what could be on display at the new Guinan bar:

The new season of Star Trek: Picard premieres March 2 on Paramount+.

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