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Stop Watching Elden Ring Trailers Before You’re Spoiled

Elden Ring has received a new trailer in preparation for its launch, but those already sold on the game will have more fun without watching it.

Those looking to buy Ring of Elden when it releases on February 25, you should stop watching the game’s trailers, because there’s a good chance that some encounters will be spoiled. A new Ring of Elden The teaser trailer already set the scene pretty well, but now the game’s official launch trailer includes some spectacular set pieces to entice those who are still on the fence about buying. Anyone who enjoys the enigmatic atmosphere and exploration of FromSoftware’s games will want to skip the launch trailer and will likely refrain from watching any further footage until the end of the game.

For those dedicated to FromSoftware’s brand of action RPGs, the wait for Ring of Elden seemed excruciatingly long. Its announcement in 2019 was followed by a long period of radio silence from the developer, and when the marketing materials finally started ramping up, Ring of Elden has been delayed from its original January 2022 release date. With Ring of Elden having FromSoftware’s first true open world, and being something of a culmination of the Soulslike games that came before it, the excitement has been palpable, making it hard for some to resist watching all the trailers.


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For the majority, Ring of EldenPromotional material hasn’t been exceptionally egregious when it comes to spoiling endgame content; that is, until this latest launch trailer. Ring of EldenThe official launch trailer for , which can be viewed on YouTube for those who don’t care, goes far beyond the narrative generalities of previous trailers. Never-before-seen areas, major bosses, and very heavy implications on where the narrative will go are all components of the launch trailer.

Elden Ring will be more fun without seeing the launch trailer

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Those who aren’t tuned into the Soulslike community might be wondering why spoilers are always discussed at length when a new trailer drops. Even a civil servant Ring of Elden tweet warned players of spoilers knowing that some dedicated fans may have their experience marred by leaks. FromSoftware is known for its minimalist storytelling, but it’s the games’ fantasy areas, enemies, and especially bosses that gamers like to keep a mystery until they get a chance to play them themselves. Lots of excitement in games like dark souls and transmitted by blood just don’t know what’s around every corner.

FromSoftware’s trailers – and more specifically the launch trailers – have a knack for using some of the more jaw-dropping bosses or grand backdrops as a way to spark interest in the game. one who might not have Ring of Elden on their radar, but might take the excitement away from others who savor every new FromSoftware game. Ring of Elden will be best played at launch when the fandom collectively discovers the intricacies of the game and engages heavily with the online multiplayer aspects, and even having a slight knowledge of what’s to come hurts that experience. It would be better to wait for the release of Ring of Eldeneven if it is very tempting to watch the latest trailer, admittedly very good.

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