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Succession Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Take the Monopoly board and hide the dick pics (if you know, you know) – the Roys are coming back for more backstabs and betrayals. From the cast back to the trailers to the plot, here’s everything we know about Succession season 4.

How did Succession season 3 end?

the season 3 finale of Succession shocked viewers – and even the show’s cast – when Tom Wambsgans (and, by extension, cousin Greg) stabbed Shiv in an attempt to get into Logan’s good favor. Tom’s decision helped Logan secure enough shares in Waystar Royco to sell the business to GoJo, leaving his three children – who ultimately reunited to overthrow their father – in the cold.

Will there be a Season 4 of Succession?

Yes! HBO announced in late October — just a week after start of season 3– that the hit HBO show had been renewed for a fourth chapter. In a statement, Francesca Orsi, executive vice president of programming for HBO, said, “Every season of Succession, Jesse Armstrong continued to exceed our wildest expectations, drawing us deeper into the inner sanctum of the Roy family with indelible wit, humanity and precision. This season is undoubtedly no exception, and we couldn’t be more excited for everything that lies ahead for the next season ahead. “

When will Succession season 4 be released?

There was a two-year gap between seasons 2 and 3 of Succession, but fans are unlikely to have to wait that long for more episodes since the long hiatus was due to the pandemic. In a recent interview, star Brian Cox (who tends to be the most knowledgeable about the show) said GQ United Kingdom which the series was scheduled to start filming again in June 2002, with the writers returning to work in January 2022. “I was surprised because I thought they would be back in November. But I think they need a break. I mean, I think they need space, because they worked really hard on it [series]”said Cox.

Is there a trailer for Succession season 4?

One can only wish, but there is always Nicholas Braun’s Instagram to keep you entertained in the meantime.

What will happen in Succession season 4?

In an interview with Deadline, show creator Jesse Armstrong revealed some plot points for future episodes of the HBO drama, hinting that Tom’s decision can come back and bite his ass because Logan isn’t the type to be loyal or trustworthy. (But Armstrong was largely low-key, saying there was a lot of talk in the Writers’ Room before anything could be set in stone.)

And in a conversation with Weekly entertainment, actress Sarah Snook suggested that Shiv has “a lot of soul-searching to do” next season. “My mother abandoned me. My father turned out to be the devil, and my husband made a pact with him. So I have nowhere to go. And really, will I run to my brothers ?. .. Where is the safest Port? “

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