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Sunbreak trailers reveal new features and future roadmap; Demo available tomorrow


Check out the latest Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak trailer

Today at the Capcom Showcase, we received many great updates on some of the company’s biggest games. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak was one of those games, and it got a brand new trailer, featuring lots of exciting new tidbits about the game.

You can experience the new gameplay, the return of monsters and locals, and all the new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak updates for yourself via all the new trailers below.

A demo of the game is available starting tomorrow, June 14, 2022. Along with the demo news, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will add free title updates through 2023, with each update including additional monsters and new elements.

If you don’t know it, you can read the official description below.

“Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak begins after the heroic defense of Kamura Village against the Rampage that ends in Monster Hunter Rise. News of the village’s survival prompts the valiant knight Lady Fiorayne to travel from the Far Kingdom to ask for help. Hunters brave enough to answer the call will depart for the port of Elgado Outpost. This bustling sea station houses the laboratory for researching anomalous monster activity troubling the kingdom, and the command post tasked with restoring peace to the kingdom. Here, players will interact with a cast of new characters, including the Commander of the Knights of the Royal Order, Admiral Galleus, the eccentric scientist Bahari, Minayle the blacksmith, Oboro the merchant, and the quest giver Chichae. These helpful allies will help hunters craft new gear for the perils ahead and teach them how to perform powerful new Wirebug techniques.

The threat to the Kingdom is intertwined with powerful creatures inspired by western horror staples known as the Three Lords. This setting includes the newly unveiled Garangolm, the fearsome Fanged Wyvern Lunagaron, and the Elder Dragon Malzeno. Along with these nightmarish new enemies, other monster variants and fan favorites including Blood Orange Bishaten and the mighty Astalos will appear to challenge hunters in the Master Rank quest difficulty. Researching the behavior of the Three Lords will take hunters across the Kingdom to exciting new locations, including the recently unveiled Citadel. This place has snow-swept peaks that cascade into lush forests teeming with new endemic life. At the center of this vast area is a long-abandoned fortress that serves as a stronghold for the very monsters it was built for. More information about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be revealed at a later date.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is set to release on June 30, 2022, for Switch and PC, and pre-orders are already available now.

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