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Super Hero Trailer Shows Piccolo, Broly and More

The latest trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball movie features new clips of Piccolo, Pan, and more from Gohan’s fight against the new androids.

Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes released a new trailer.

Series producer Akio Iyoku previously said the new film will focus on Gohan and Piccolo, and the new trailer confirms that by showing more of the duo’s battles against the film’s new pair of androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. Notably, Piccolo appears with a slightly different coloring in the trailer, suggesting that the Namekian warrior might have a new form in the movie. Many other characters are also featured in the trailer, including the God of Destruction Beerus, the new leaders of the Red Ribbon Army, and, most surprisingly, the Saiyan warrior Broly, who was the focus of the previous one. dragonball movie. The new trailer suggests that Pan, who is now of elementary school age, has been kidnapped by the Red Ribbon Army and Gohan must save his daughter.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes takes place several years after the events of the Broly film, and several characters, such as Goten and Trunks, received new designs and aged accordingly. In addition to the new period, the film also uses a new visual style, which attempts to recreate creator Akira Toriyama’s distinct hand-drawn art look through the use of 3D models and CG animations.

This is the third full trailer released for the film. Super hero was first unveiled during 2021’s virtual Comic-Con at Home event with a brief teaser that showed Goku in the film’s new animation style. The first full trailer was released later that year, showcasing the newest members of the Red Ribbon Army. The second trailer was revealed at the last Jump Festa convention and focused heavily on Gohan, who was revealed to have reverted to the Piccolo-inspired costume he wore during Dragon Ball ZThe Saiyan and Cell sagas.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes The premiere is scheduled in Japan on April 22. A North American release has been confirmed and is tentatively scheduled with a summer premiere window.

There may be even more animation dragonball to look forward to this year, as Iyoku has previously stated that there may be more of the series in 2022 in addition to the new movie. While the producer was shy about offering more details about what he meant, many fans speculated that Iyoku was hinting at a possible new season of the Dragon Ball Super TV series, which ended its original run in 2018. The manga has since completed a full story arc and is set to wrap up the current Granolah the Survivor saga, leaving plenty of content for a potential new season of the anime To adapt.

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