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TAXA 2023 Mantis 5.1 Trailer

Before launching TAXA Outdoors in 2009, Garrett Finney worked on the ISS where he designed lunar habitats for NASA. His expertise has helped the Houston-based company stay at the forefront of the RV industry for over a decade. Five years ago, the first Mantis trailer debuted, becoming one of the most popular land rigs in the world, with plenty of amenities both inside and out.

For the 2023 model year, TAXA updated the Mantis with even more features to go along with everything it was already capable of. The Mantis 5.1 adds a new Flex Space up front, allowing it to adapt to any adventure or situation. Whether you want to use it as a bathroom, workspace, storage space, or recreation space, this space brings ultimate versatility to whatever your excursion demands. If you work on the go, the Langun table can be transformed from a seated desk to a standing desk. The shower, which now fits people up to 6’6″, sports a hose that can reach the door in order to spray your shoes or gear before bringing them inside.

The kitchen storage space has been redesigned with a nautical inspiration, featuring backsplash wall shelves and a milk crate drawer system. Each Mantis also comes with an Adventure Pack which includes a Dometic CFX3 45 fridge, 200W solar panels, a Front Runner wolf pack and a fire pit. Like the previous model, the 5.1 stretches 19′, has a dry weight of 2,972 lbs and can comfortably accommodate 4 adults. There’s also the retractable roof for extra step height and ventilation.

The Mantis 5.1 is perfect for solo travelers or those adventuring with the family. The trailer is currently offered on the TAXA website starting at $46,057.

Purchase: $46,057+

Photo: TAXA outside
Photo: TAXA outside
Photo: TAXA outside

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