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Texas storm will hit Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama so badly that hurricane trailers won’t be safe, says feds

Some 8,000 households in mobile homes across Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were warned that their residences may not withstand the storm system drifting through the region on Tuesday, hours after Texas was battered. In a joint statement, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness said “heavy rains” would pose a risk of flooding and have urged those affected to “move to higher ground if you hear flood warnings”. Much of the extraordinary warning was aimed at survivors of previous hurricanes who are sheltering in the temporary structures. On Monday, the storm injured four people in Texas and ripped the roof off the gymnasium at Jacksboro High School west of Dallas. People were reportedly trapped in collapsed buildings and Austin was hit by tornadoes. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said: “We know there are a lot of people whose lives have been completely disrupted and people who have lost their homes. At the same time…it may also be a miracle, because even though there was devastating physical damage, to my knowledge, at this time, there are no reports of loss of life, which is simply amazing. Forecasters said the severe storm expected on Tuesday could produce tornadoes and very large hailstones. “Long story short, all variables are finally in place for this event,” said the National Weather Service in New Orleans.

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