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The Callisto protocol release date, pre-order, gameplay, trailer, and more.

At the Game Awards 2020, the video trailer for The Callisto Protocol was one of the most anticipated in recent memory. A cinematic trailer showed a prisoner waking up with a danger alarm and something hiding in the dark, and it looked like the one in Dead Space.

In a horrific display of French kissing, the prisoner realizes that his cellmate is no longer human. PUBG’s ties to the Callisto protocol and the game’s gameplay are just a few of the mysteries surrounding the upcoming title.

Here’s everything we know about the Callisto protocol.

The release date of the Callisto protocol

The deployment of the Callisto protocol is currently unclear, but a deadline of 2022 has been given. It’s safe to assume that the title will launch in late summer or early fall 2022, given that there hasn’t been a new video or trailer for it yet.

As the first title to come out of Striking Distance Studios, it’s a test for the fledgling studio, despite the presence of seasoned programmers from Visceral Games and Sledgehammer. Since we don’t yet have a release date for The Callisto Protocol, we should take that estimate with a grain of salt until we do.

Pre-ordering the Callisto protocol

Pre-orders for the Callisto protocol are currently not available. Soon we will have some more information for you, so be sure to visit this page again.

The gameplay and history of the Callisto protocol

Many aspects of The Callisto Protocol’s gameplay and plot are still shrouded in mystery at this point. The upcoming title is expected to be third-person horror.

The harsh weather seen in the teaser can potentially be a clue to the threats the player may encounter if they make it to the surface. Since the game will only be available as a single player experience, those who feared co-op could ruin the experience (like in Dead Space 3) should breathe a sigh of relief.

Callisto Protocol

It has been revealed that you will start the title as a Convict in Black Iron Prison Cells. Over time, you will uncover the mysteries of the colony and learn about the United Jupiter Company’s involvement in the operation.

There is no doubt that the game’s storyline will take precedence over the gameplay, but the types of topics that will be covered remain a mystery.

The Callisto Protocol Trailer

We’ve only seen one trailer for The Callisto Protocol so far, and it premiered at the Game Awards 2020. Aside from a few gameplay and plot details that can be gleaned from it, it doesn’t offer a lot of new information. The first thing to notice is the health indicator on the back of the prisoner’s collar.

This is likely a diegetic HUD element designed to increase immersion, given that it’s overseen by one of Dead Space’s executive producers.

Is Callisto protocol PUBG?

Indeed, it is true that Callisto Protocol is an expansion of the PUBG universe, and the story will be linked to the story arc of the popular Battle Royale series.

The Callisto Protocol release date, pre-order, gameplay, trailer and more 1

This page will be updated as more information becomes available on what’s in store for the game. Diegetic HUD items should be used to increase the sense of immersion, as executive producers have stated.

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