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The CW 2022-2023 Fall TV Lineup: New Shows and Trailers

CW programming is going to be a little different in the fall after the network canceled nine shows at the end of the 2021-22 television season. Expansion all american universe will continue Mondays in the fall and Jared Padalecki will own Thursdays with Walker and the new spin-off, Walker: Independence.

Padalecki is not the only one Supernatural connection that you will find in the new lineup of the CW. Jensen Ackles also returned to the network with the Supernatural prequel series, The Winchesters. Ackles produces and narrates the series detailing how Winchester parents John (Drake Rodger) and Mary (Meg Donnelly) met and fell in love. At mid-season, Misha Collins also returns to the CW. He plays legendary Gotham District Attorney Harvey Dent in Gotham Knightswhich will see Batman’s adopted son and the children of Batman’s greatest enemies team up to clear their names after the Dark Knight is killed.

If you are looking the flash or Riverdaledon’t worry, they survived the cancellation bloodbath but won’t air new episodes until 2023. The network also announced that RiverdaleThe upcoming seventh season will be the last, so we expect it to be weirder than ever. To help fill in the holes of canceled shows like Legacy, batman, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrowthe CW has acquired a few foreign shows that will take primetime slots, including Tom Welling’s action-comedy Professionals and Family lawa drama directed by Jewel Staite and Victor Garber.

Learn more about what’s coming to The CW during the 2022-2023 season below. Also, be sure to check out what we know about the fall TV lineup from ABC, Fox, SCSand NBC.


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The Winchesters
The description: Told from the perspective of Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), the Supernatural The prequel series chronicles how Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s parents, John (Drake Rodger) and Mary (Meg Donnelly), met, fell in love, and started their own family of demon hunters. The series is set in the 1970s when John returns from Vietnam and meets Mary, a 19-year-old demon hunter. The two wayward souls search for their father and together they join fellow hunters Latika (Nida Khurshid) and Carlos (Jonathan “JoJo” Fleites) to help uncover the truth about their families.

Walker: Independence
The description: This 1800s western is an origin story for the Walker, Texas Ranger legacy. Kat McNamara stars as Abby Walker, a well-to-do transplant from Boston, Texas who arrives in the town of Independence convinced that the new sheriff is the man who murdered her husband on his way to town. Wanting revenge – or as she calls it, justice – Abby leans on a thief with a heart of gold, Hoyt Rawlins (Matt Barr), to help her bring down the new sheriff.

Gotham Knights (mid-season)
The description: Batman is dead in this new DC series and his adopted son Turner (Oscar Morgan) is accused of the crime with the children of the Dark Knight’s greatest enemies. Duela (Olivia Rose Keegan) is an accomplished thief born in Arkham Asylum. Harper Row (Fallon Smythe) is an engineer who watches over her brother Cullen (Tyler DiChiara). When they team up with Turner’s best friend coder Stephanie Brown (Anna Lore) and Batman’s unexpected sidekick Carrie Kelley (Navia Robinson), they form the Gotham Knights. They will attempt to clear their names and find Batman’s killer while trying to evade District Attorney Harvey Dent (Misha Collins).


magic with the stars
The description: Celebrities make magic happen in this new reality TV series which will see two stars work with professional magicians to create their own series of magical performances. Celebrities must master three categories of magic, which they will perform in front of a jury led by Criss Angel. Only the celebrities with the highest scores will be invited back for the final performance.

Recipe for disaster
The description: Three professional chefs and their cooking partners compete to prepare spectacular dishes under absurdly unfavorable conditions. The studio transforms into a bizarre new world every week, filled with themed disasters that challenge chefs in ways they never imagined.


The description: Vincent Corbo (Tom Welling) is a fixer for the rich and powerful, but things get complicated when his ex Grace’s (Elena Anaya) new fiancée, Peter Swann (Brendan Fraser), hires him to investigate the explosion. of its next-generation medical data satellite.

Family law
The description: Abigail Bianchi (Jewel Staite) is a personal injury lawyer who crumbles when her husband kicks her out of the family home due to her excessive drinking. When Abigail ends up drunk in court and throwing up on a client, she ends up being suspended, fined, and unable to practice law unless she finds a senior attorney willing to mentor her. Harry Syensson (Victor Garber) is the only candidate, but the problem is that Harry is also Abby’s estranged father. To be able to stay in the job she loves, she has to work with Harry and his half-siblings.


The Winchesters

Walker: Independence


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