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The Devil in Me release date, trailers, more

The devil in me the release date is fast approaching and we have finally learned more about this upcoming game. The devil in me is an upcoming release from Supermassive Games, and is looking to see the first season of the Dark Images Anthology. Now we have some details on what we can expect from this final chapter. Here’s everything we know about The devil in me release date, trailers, etc.

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The Devil Inside Me: Release Date

The Dark Pictures Anthology is an episodic horror game series that has been releasing one episode a year since 2019. After Ash house launched in 2021, it was assumed that the fourth part would arrive sometime in 2022. It seems that these assumptions were correct, as said in episode four, titled The devil in me is confirmed for release this year.

Thanks to a recent trailer where we learned a few details about the game, we now know that the game is slated for a fall 2022 release. The exact date is yet to be confirmed – out of the three games released so far in the series, one was released in August, the other two at the end of October. There’s no better time frame to release a horror game than late October, so it seems a safe bet that they’ll be aiming to at least be on shelves and in storefronts by then.

The Devil Inside Me: Trailers

The Devil in Me: The actors are seated around a large dining table in the hotel, there is a chandelier above them

As mentioned above, we learned the release window for The devil in me through a recent trailer. The story trailer just released gives players an idea of ​​the horror that awaits them in this episode. It seems to feature an old hotel where things aren’t what they seem and a film crew that gets more than they expected. The trailer is below, feel free to check it out.

The Devil in Me: Gameplay

The Devil in Me: One of the Cast Members Walks Behind a Scary, Damaged Mannequin

We still have a lot to see in terms of gameplay for The devil in me as the trailer appears to show mostly cinematic moments. However, Supermassive Games fans will have a good idea of ​​the type of gaming experience that awaits them here.

As another part of an episodic series, it’s safe to assume that this game will play much the same as the previous three, as they also played very similarly to Supermassive’s other games, such as Until dawn Where The career.

That’s all we know about The Devil in Me release date so far, but we’ll be back with more information when it arrives.

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