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The Division 2 season 9 trailer revealed

Ubisoft has revealed The Division 2 Season 9 trailer which offers details on the New content.

The new season is called Hidden Alliance where players will perfect the structure of the manhunt to give an episodic narrative with the game. Instead of exploring the 12+ districts of Washington, players will now focus on a smaller area. This will give Ubisoft more contained and focused stories and avoid repetition from season to season.

The start of Hidden Alliance will open with a cinematic flashback showing the aftermath of battling Faye Lau at Camp White Oak. It will start right away from when Kelsos, Benitez, and Rhodes all come to terms with what happened.

Players will be able to learn more about the main story after eliminating one of the Manhunt targets and encountering Kelso at the Base of Operations. This will help players avoid crucial story details.

The Hidden Alliance Manhunt will have a list of high level targets, but this time those guys aren’t Rogues. These are True Sons with one of the targets Antwon Ridgeway’s successor after his death. The new leader is known as Captain Lewis, but he has his own agenda.

There are new lieutenants who are targets for the manhunt and have different behaviors and motivations. The True Sons have somehow changed and their zealous followers are somewhat alienated by it.

Season 9 also launches a new type of content for players to try out. This is a new system and is only the first version to offer a different style in delivering content to players. This will change in future seasons.

The Division 2 is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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