Extendable trailer specs

The Expedition Camper is the prototype travel trailer that you can’t have

If you remember Tiny Camper, it’s because we presented one of their works on self-evolution. This time around, we’ll take a look at the biggest and only other travel trailer they produce, Expedition.

Yes, this article will be about an all terrain vehicle that is ready to brave just about any weather you can throw at it; However, the manufacturer’s website states that this is only a prototype. This might be one of the reasons you won’t find a price for this machine, and I couldn’t find a full datasheet. But that doesn’t stop us from looking at what the future holds.

Tiny Camper makes a few mentions regarding the size of this motorhome and what it will be used for, and that is sufficient to guide our understanding of Expedition.

Overall, it is a towable vehicle with a length of 4,710 mm (185 inches), a width of 2,000 mm (78.8 inches) and a height of 2,482 mm. (98 inches). Obviously, this isn’t the biggest off-road, off-grid trailer you’ve ever seen, but Tiny Camper says it can fit up to five people. I don’t know how it goes, seeing that there are no pictures of the interior, but a mattress with dimensions of 1895 mm (75 inches) x 2000 mm (79 inches) looks huge. ; it’s almost as big as the trailer itself.

While there is no mention of a frame, we’re told Expedition includes 25mm (1in) fiberglass composite insulation, and with a frame, sash and all, it weighs only 780 kg (1,719 lb). Yes, that’s all this massive habitat weighs. Best of all, it has a load capacity of 420 kg (926 lb).

All of this cargo can be stored in a large 1,200 liter (317 gallon) storage bay or additional hatches. The interior is sure to have some storage options too.

One thing I liked about Expedition is that it’s a motorhome that always pushes its owners towards an outdoor lifestyle. I say this because we are shown several images that reveal an outdoor kitchen. Then there are a few renderings that show exactly what Tiny Camper has in mind for Expedition.

Since I mentioned the kitchen first, we can start there. While it may not seem like much, there is a two-burner stove and several worktops available, a sink and a faucet as well. Better yet, this whole setup is set on a slider. When you’re done, just put it back on and off you go.

As for the primary purpose of the expedition, the renderings I mentioned reveal a travel trailer that can haul gear through a roof rack and even a front mounted bike rack. I wonder if the roof rack is suitable for a tent. Side canopies help expand outdoor habitat around the trailer.

One feature that is not mentioned is the bathroom. But, with the space provided by this house, I’m sure you can fit a portable shower and bring a cassette toilet.

Even though this is only a prototype, at the moment Expedition could very well be a good contender for your money. Why? Well, while not much is revealed about the Habitat, it does provide plenty of room to include features that I didn’t mention.

Personally, I would keep an eye out for Tiny Campers, because when this prototype becomes a real toy that you can own, you might be happy to read about it today. At that time, we will also know more about this habitat.

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