Extendable trailer specs

The Fab Five are coming back to recharge your serotonin

As showrunner Jennifer Lane told Entertainment Weekly in November:

strange eye likes to celebrate big American cities and Austin fits that criteria perfectly. Texas and Austin are culturally rich and have many complex, diverse and relevant layers. Austin and its surrounding communities are home to a plethora of our favorite types of stories – the ones that aren’t told often. And to top it off, it’s fun to see the Fab 5 in cowboy boots! “

The subjects, or “heroes,” as the series calls them, appear to include a honky-tonk dance teacher (“What’s a honky-tonk?” Tan asks seriously), a trans weightlifter, and an entertainer. who put his life on hold during COVID, among others. The series has always been known for its heartbreaking moments, but the final season seems to be particularly emotional.

A small business owner told the camera, “I feel like we’re just one bad month away from shutting down forever. Meanwhile, a man who has lost a loved one says, “She would like me to continue. In typical “Queer Eye” fashion, however, the series promises catharsis with its heaviest moments. The trailer shows footage of the Fab Five dancing, joking, and even helping organize a full ball for a local high school.

“I have never been so shocked in my life!” Van Ness yells at the end of the trailer, before hopefully saying, “Maybe America will be okay after all.” The trailer is accompanied by an excerpt from a new song by Miranda Lambert, titled “Y’all Means All”, which the artist announced on Twitter. The sunny optimism of “Queer Eye” isn’t always a panacea, but right now, it sounds like exactly what we need it to be.

Season 6 of “Queer Eye” will debut on Netflix on December 31, 2021, just in time to usher in the New Year with some positivity.

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