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‘The First Lady’ trailer: Viola Davis stuns as Michelle Obama

Photo credit: Variety

Viola Davis is a national treasure, so it’s only natural for her to play another national treasure.

In The first ladyDavis plays everyone’s favorite first lady, Michelle Obama.

Naturally, Davis was thrilled to play such a modern role model.

In his words, it was the honor of a lifetime.

The trailer, which dropped recently, focuses on the lives of various presidential couples throughout the country’s history.

It follows their personal lives behind closed doors, the political and personal struggles each of them faced, and how they handled their contributions to the country.

Davis is not the only one major star appear in the show.

The Handmaid’s Tale OT Fagbenle will play Barack Obama, There are small fires everywhere Lexi Underwood will play Malia Obama, and of King Richard Saniyya Sidney will be Sasha Obama.

The X Files Gillian Anderson will play Eleanor Roosevelt, with little women Eliza Scanlen playing her younger self.

Other stars include Isaiah Williams as Martin Luther King III, Christopher Plummer and Keifer Sutherland as older and younger versions of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and more.

The trailer shows the first ladies as anything but weak or supporting characters.

This makes it a force to be reckoned with.

For example, Anderson’s Roosevelt reminds her husband that he is a husband to a woman with her own mind and life.

Similarly, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Betty Ford tells her husband that while she will be there for him, she won’t stop being herself.

According to the official website, That of the First Lady The goal is to show modern American history through the eyes of these powerful women.

Jana Winograde, president of entertainment at Showtime Networks Inc., explained how the wives of presidents have always had a remarkable influence on leaders and, by extension, the country.

The first ladywhich will have 10 episodes, is set to be released on April 17.

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