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The Hike 100 is Winnebago’s smallest travel trailer to date

The name Winnebago likely conjures up images of old-fashioned motorhomes and other large motorhomes that aren’t so much driven as barred. Words like compact, simple and cute are not normally part of the lexicon. That everything changes with the brand new hike 100, their smallest caravan to date.

Unveiled this month, the Hike 100 is a towable motorhome that the company claims is smaller and lighter than any other Winnebago trailer currently on offer. While small, budget trailers like this have been popular for quite some time with all kinds of road travelers, the biggest selling point here is the 2,700 pound dry weight which will make it an option for those with a vehicles with lower towing capacities (think full-size SUVs instead of giant vans). The total gross vehicle weight rating, or the maximum trailer weight and payload, is 4,200 pounds.

Despite the small footprint (just under 16 feet long and 8 feet wide, and just over 10 feet high), Winnebago has packed a lot of functionality and comfort into this new Hike model, an extension of a line which started with a bigger trailer. Here, the interior can be arranged in five different floor plan configurations, three of which can accommodate two people and two of them three for those going on family trips. There is also a refrigerator, microwave, sink, portable induction hob, and wet tub (read: toilet and shower) in all configurations.

This is just one of five interior configurations available, all of which are surprisingly comfortable.


Winnebago says the functionality offered makes it “easy to take off the grid” which is true to some extent, although we are talking about short trips here due to the 31 gallon fresh water tank, water tank 25 gallon and 4.75 gallon gray. black water tank. Plus, a 190-watt solar panel is included, but the trailer design allows for more if you’re trying to maximize your power generation capabilities.

All in all, while the Hike 100 is tiny by Winnebago standards, it’s definitely not an ultralight motorhome that can be towed by any car in your garage – add dry weight to everything. What’s packed there, from fluids to equipment can push the limits if you have a smaller SUV. But it is an exciting option of a historic brand, which will allow more people to enjoy the trailer lifestyle.

A woman and her dog sitting on the bed inside a Winnebago Hike 100 trailer

Small, but spacious.


While pricing has yet to be announced, so I guess how accessible that will be remains to be seen. For reference, the larger Hike model starts at $ 36,783.

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