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The Lost Wild Trailer Breakdown

Annapurna Interactive’s showcase gave fans a glimpse of various games in development, however, one notable game was the last to be showcased, The lost savage. A survival horror game where players must survive in a hostile land filled with dangerous dinosaurs and find a way to safety, The lost savage not only seems like a good idea, but the trailer depicts a visually stunning game that will test player stealth and improvisation. However, while there aren’t many details about the game, the trailer seems to highlight some themes and adventures in store for potential players.


Surface, The lost savage looks like a survival horror game in a jurassic park frame, with the dinosaurs even looking like the ones you would see in the movies. This alone has excited many fans like the design of these creatures while the lighting and weather effects make them particularly terrifying, forcing players to run the other way or hide in nearby grass and run away. hope they won’t be found. With this basic concept, The lost savage has the potential to be the next big survival horror game players will enjoy.

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A beautiful world full of dangers

The lost savage offers a world filled with threats for players to keep an eye out for, from hulking dinosaurs that can’t be missed, to perhaps stealthier creatures that like to hunt. The trailer showcased many dinosaurs that players will encounter, including some that don’t look menacing. However, Annapurna Interactive’s trailer featured close encounters with carnivorous creatures that either hunt in packs or are large enough to survive on their own, and it will be up to the player to find ways to survive.

Although these dangers can make The lost savage a truly terrifying experience, the world itself is beautiful with crisp detail to not only the creatures but the environment as well. The trailer showed the main character moving through the jungle and the design of the foliage, weather and lighting all looked phenomenal and often added to the horror factor of the game. The beauty of the world design is something something to appreciate but also remains a reminder that there are threats around every corner for players to care about, giving The lost savage a good first impression as an indie horror game.

One of the biggest takeaways in The lost savage the trailer was the fact that there was no fight in place; instead, players must use stealth to hide from threats, and they will have to rely on non-lethal, and possibly even non-harmful, means to scare off predators. Unlike games like ark survival, killing dinosaurs is not the player’s priority. However, with fire and a few tools like flares, the game allows the player to keep predators at bay as they seek safety.

This survival horror structure has a lot of potential in The lost savage because different dinosaurs might react differently to the tools used to repel each other. While fire and flares can work on small predators chasing the player, it stands to reason that The lost savageThe greatest dinosaurs will continue to stalk the player even with these tools at their disposal. This would make the game more difficult as players will have to identify the dinosaur before deciding to stay hidden or scare it away.

A possible outcome

The trailer of The lost savage also touched on the main story behind the game somewhat by showing glimpses of civilization in a seemingly untouched land. The goal of The lost savage seems to be about escaping the forest by uncovering the mysteries of the man-made structures therein. It’s strangely like jurassic park where the buildings around the island were the only way to call for help and hide, temporarily out of reach of the dinosaurs. The game’s story will likely lead players to explore these structures and eventually find new tools while learning about dinosaurs and finding faster and safer ways to get around the forest. However, nothing being confirmed yet, these artificial structures remain mysterious.

One of the most notable revelations from the Annapurna Interactive Showcase, The lost savage promises a lot of thrills and scares. The world design shown in the trailer shows off a beautiful world ready to be explored and a diverse range of dinosaurs that will either try to kill the player or just add to the atmosphere. With a forest full of threats, mystery surrounding structures, and few tools at the player’s disposal, The lost savage looks like an engrossing survival horror title.

The lost savage is scheduled for 2024 on PC.

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