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The official release date has been announced with a trailer

Nintendo released a file new trailer from Splaton 3 advertise Official release date: September 9, 2022. It’s another exclusive weight for the Nintendo Switch, in a particularly rich year for console owners.

The video itself shows a file Cheek pure in one of the molluscs. That is to say, we can see the characters fight in the classic mode of the series, drawing all the drawable objects to try to beat the opponents. Our heroes will be able to use paint guns, giant paintbrushes and even robots to win games. There will also be struggles that will give them greater freedom of movement.

Read Other details Excerpt from the official press release:

Splatoon 3 will be released on Friday, September 9 on Nintendo Switch. In the barren city of Splatville and Splattonia, fellow players will challenge the Inklings and Octolings to experience the year’s most advanced features, weapons, and gear.

In Splatoon 3, Melee Oysters will bring exciting 4v4 online battles to life with new and familiar scenarios, where teams of 4 players face off against whoever covers the most territory with their own ink. A new video provides some details on one of the new scenarios, Silurian Outskirts, and in Calarco, a new arc-shaped weapon that allows you to scroll both horizontally and vertically. The new show, Splatoon 3 – Molluscs (Nintendo Switch), in addition to showing all this, brings more information and allows you to take a look at some new features.

In addition to frantic 4v4 battles, Splatoon 3 will also have a single-player campaign and a new version of the Salmon Run co-op mode. In single player mode, players will help number 3 fight the octari to uncover the secrets of the dull and hairy slime.

Players who dive into Salmon Run will be able to compete** and defeat the dangerous waves of Great Salmonoid. Some are really gigantic!

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