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The remarkable Krone trailer is up to the task for a top operator

BH Cecil & Sons Ltd, the international family hauler, has taken delivery of a Krone Profi Liner curtainsider vehicle specially adapted to accommodate a 3.1m wheelbase DAF tractor with trailing axle, thus respecting the overall vehicle length limit in Europe of 16.5 m.

From its base in Blakeney in Gloucestershire, BH Cecil operates across Europe transporting a range of mixed loads including plants and recycled plastics. For adaptability, the company needed a highly flexible trailer that not only could deliver maximum length and high volume within the overall European height limit of 4m, but also would enhance the distinctive image of company and would live up to any platform on display at the many continental shows. vehicle shows the family attends.

“We have been using Krone trailers for some time and as far as we are concerned they are the strongest and best on the market.” Said director, Paul Cecil. “This time though, we needed something a little more special and I’m thrilled to say that even though Krone produces hundreds a week, this trailer is as close to a custom build as it gets.”

To ensure that the combined length of the vehicle does not exceed the legal maximum, Krone has positioned the landing gear further back on the trailer for closer coupling to the DAF. “Additionally,” adds Paul, “Krone supplied 550mm aluminum drop sides and a sliding roof so we could take virtually any shape and size. We get an internal height of 2665mm, which is a good clearance inside the 4m limit.

Paul also highlights the Krone Multi Lock strapping system, which has fixing points every 10cm along each side rave and, he explains in combination with the steel mesh reinforced curtains and locking beams of charging, ensures that each charge is safe and well protected.

The Profi liner is also fitted with steel container type rear doors and integrated door cabinets, hinges and latches, all of which are concealed behind the door liners to leave a perfectly flat surface for the trailer livery.

“Krone was the only manufacturer that could offer us such a high quality and exclusive paint finish,” adds Paul. “The chassis is KTL primed and powder coated in our own distinctive metallic green, while the side rails, side guards, rear bumper and hubs are finished in red, and all comes with a Krone warranty of 10 years against corrosion perforation on steel.Components.In addition to this, we have an extended warranty for Krone axles of 6 years without limitation of road mileage, within the EU.Overall , we simply can’t be wrong!

BH Cecil and Sons’ award winning fleet of vehicles includes general haul and temperature controlled trailers for most types of freight transport throughout the UK and Ireland.

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