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The “Terminal List” trailer is everything we don’t like, and yet…

The Amazon Prime Trailer List of terminals is all one some former colleagues here hate: An extension of a militaristic trend in streaming movies; films by Antoine Fuqua badly edited; and also Chris Pratt. This Is look bad, like a 2022 version of one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lesser films that Mark Wahlberg probably turned down because he was too busy making a movie with Mel Gibson.

But also? There’s Taylor Kitsch, which is also cruel to a certain former colleague who also likes Taylor Kitsch:

Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 11.26.36 AM.png

I’ll save you from the connection line and offer this Amazon review instead from the book by Jack Carr on which the film is based:

Basically a book about revenge killing by a guy dumb enough not to follow through with a tumor that turns out to be benign, so he’ll live to kill again and again for some other reason for revenge. And the guy is supposedly a very sensitive father whose family is being murdered, and while he’s killing [spree]he also flirts with the journalist who helps him.

Another review also suggests that the film fits perfectly into Chris Pratt’s worldview:

If you’re a conservative advocate of law and order who’s threatened or challenged by shades of gray, don’t worry. This book is completely devoid of complex thinking and will not challenge you at all. It will fit perfectly into your confirmation bias.

And with that, here’s the trailer:

The list of terminals airing on Prime Video on July 1. Taylor Kitsch better not wear a shirt for just one picture.

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