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The Unforeseen Incidents trailer reveals a new adventure game for Switch

A fun and intriguing point-and-click adventure game has just been released on Nintendo Switch and comes with a new launch trailer that showcases some of the 60 atmospheric hand-drawn locations players will navigate through in order to solve a problem. mystery that affects the whole world.

Developed by German video game developer Backwoods Entertainment and published by ASHGAMES, Unforeseen incidents was originally released on PC on May 24, 2018. To very positive reviews, the game centers on the handyman character Harper Pendrell who one day stumbles upon the bleeding body of a sick woman . In the trailer, Harper can be seen calling emergency services and he says he believes the woman has a case of Yellowtown fever, a strange disease that is spreading at an alarming rate. This is just the beginning of the protagonist’s journey to solve a massive evil conspiracy affecting the lives of many people.


In 2018, Unforeseen incidents was nominated for the German Developer Award in the categories Best Graphics, Best Game Design and Best Story. Among the members of the Blackwoods Entertainment team behind the production of the game, Marcus Baumer imagined the story and managed the programming, Tristan Berger composed the music and sound, and Matthias Nikutta was responsible for the artwork.

Picture via ASHGAMES

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This game, which looks like an interactive graphic novel, not only offers a stimulating mystery, but it also has its share of humor, which can be noticed in particular towards the end of the trailer. The trailer ends with Harper commenting on a box of cupcakes he found sitting “in the trunk of a stranger’s car”, something so mundane and at odds with the darker, larger narrative at the center. of the plot. In addition to the elaborate soundtrack, there are plenty of German and English voices to drive the story forward.

Unforeseen incidents has been available on Steam since its launch in 2018. You can buy the game for PC through the platform and if you do it quickly, you might find time to take advantage of a special 40% discount until February 3. If you’re looking to buy the game for the Nintendo Switch instead, starting January 27, you can pick it up for $19.99. Check out the trailer below:

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