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Thermo King details new Precedent trailer refrigeration platform

Thermo King introduced the Precedent S-750i trailer refrigeration unit for transport refrigeration for long distance and local food distribution. Electrification, integrated shore power, in-vehicle telematics and a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant all contribute to Thermo King’s efforts to help customers transition fleets to reduce their environmental impact and to stay one step ahead of future regulations.

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Utilizing the S-series engine, the S-750i meets current and proposed California Air Resources Board (CARB) Ultra-Low Emission Transport Refrigeration Unit (ULETRU) emissions without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) .

The improved operational efficiency of the S-750i leverages Thermo King’s Precedent platform and introduces several new first-run features. These include a three-speed motor, which optimizes efficiency for fresh and frozen produce; a next-generation control system, which offers precise temperature control; and a diesel-electric architecture optimized for shore power integration, making the S-750i an ideal investment for customers using or considering long-term shore power, Thermo King detailed.

According to Thermo King, the benefits of shore power include:

• Increased efficiency — up to four times more efficient than diesel.
• Environmental impact—lower emissions than diesel.
• Quieter operation — at least three decibels quieter than diesel engine operation.
• Less maintenance—reduces engine hours.
• Longer TRU life — with less diesel operation, engine maintenance times are extended.

Each S-750i trailer unit is also equipped with TracKing telematics to provide the data customers need for the first 12 months of ownership at no service charge. Telematics can help fleet owners monitor temperatures, provide early detection of alarms and safety alerts when doors are opened, and detect fuel leaks, the company said.

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