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This two-story motorhome is nicer on the inside than most apartments

For those who like to camp comfortably, this RV takes things to a new level. The Salem Villa Grand is a two-story motorhome and has to be one of the best roomy trailers for traveling.

Salem Villa Grand first floor

The Villa Grand is an extravagant and Big Truck Big RV YouTube Channel gives a glimpse of the interior of one of these luxury caravans. It has two floors and an exceptionally well-planned and detailed interior. The first floor opens onto two entrances. One leads directly to a master bedroom, while another sliding door leads to her living room.

Between the living room and the bedroom is a small bathroom. The high ceiling and the large counter near the sink make it very spacious. You also get a pair of shelves for your toiletries.

Next to the bathroom is a staircase leading to the upper part of the RV. Although there is nothing unique about the stairs, they are nicely carpeted and suit the aura of the RV.

The living room is beautiful and the designer furniture is consistent with its luxurious tone. To one side of the living room is the pantry, but it blends in so well that you couldn’t tell the difference between the living room and the pantry. The double-sided sliding living room has a 30 inch built-in electric fireplace and a Whirlpool residential double French door refrigerator. The extra slide space is well utilized to fit a four-seater dining set and a set of comfy sofas.

In the center of the living room is a sink, behind which is a cupboard. The spacious counter next to this storage is equipped with an electric microwave oven.

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The Upper Salem Villa Grand

Interior of the top floor of Salem Villa
Forest River

On the top floor, there are two segments, a loft and a dormitory. The dormitory is large enough to accommodate five people. The loft is the coolest part of this motorhome. It has a fenced lower area that can accommodate a maximum of two people. In short, it looks like a chic low-ceilinged balcony with a small panoramic window.

There are many windows in the Salem Villa Grand

Salem Villa Grand Windows
Forest River

There is no shortage of windows for the Villa Grand. Aesthetic panoramic windows completely surround the RV. Each segment of the ground floor of Villa Grand has at least two windows.

Meanwhile, the upper floor has two windows in the dormitory section and one in the attic. No matter where you park, you’ll get a fantastic aesthetic view, whether it’s a sunset or a sunrise.

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Storage is no longer a problem

Salem Villa Large Storage Space
Forest River

The Villa Grand comes with plenty of cupboards and hanging shelves. Whether you have delicate dishes or clothes, the shelves accommodate everything.

The pantry has two cabinets, one hanging and another a regular cabinet. Meanwhile, the master bedroom has a hanging shelf, a separate clothes drawer and an additional wardrobe.

The RV has a gross vehicle weight rating of 13,854 pounds with a cargo capacity of 1,228 pounds.

For someone looking to have a spacious and luxurious motorhome, the Salem Villa Grand deserves their consideration. After all, who wouldn’t want to get away from hectic life for two days? Especially if it’s as refreshing as in a luxurious suite facing the sea or the lake.

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