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Three Hopes Trailer Shows Off Blue Lions House Member Designs And Gameplay

A new trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes shows off the members of House Blue Lions, complete with gameplay and ellipsis designs.

by Nintendo Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is one of the most surprising game announcements of this year. It follows the first Fire Emblem Warriors game, although set in the 2019 universe Fire Emblem: Three Houses, unlike its predecessor. Instead of a narrative, however, this will take place in an alternate timeline where the previous player character Byleth does not become a teacher at the monastery, remaining as a mercenary. House leaders Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude embark on a new adventure completely separate from what players have seen in Three Houses.


Due to Byleth no longer being the protagonist, players will take up arms as a new character introduced to the game, Shez. Unlike Byleth, instead of becoming a teacher, the player will become a classmate in one of three houses. This will create a branching path at the start of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopeswhere they will be forced to side with the Adrestian Empire, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus or the Leicester Alliance.

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Nintendo recently released a trailer that features Dimitri and the sacred kingdom of Faerghus, alongside his classmates for fans to play with. In this trailer, he kicks off with the kingdom banner, followed by Dimitri himself and his spear gameplay. The trailer confirms that the seven classmates who were playable in Three Houses will also return, with their own fighting styles and brand new timeskip designs.

It has already been confirmed that Dedue, Dimitri’s servant, will return, as well as Mercedes through earlier images and screenshots of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Mercedes will use a variety of offensive white magic, as seen with pillars of light and spells she casts through the trailer. Fellow student Ashe is also confirmed playable, with a moveset that uses a bow and arrow and moves quickly across the battlefield.

Felix will also be making a return to this game, with a sword-based move that’s fast yet powerful, most likely drawing inspiration from Navarre’s move in Fire Emblem Warriors. Annette’s playable iteration will focus her on elemental magic, but she can use an ax for one of her special moves. Sylvain and Ingrid are shown at the very end of the trailer, both wielding a spear. What separates them from other playable characters is that they will ride a horse and a Pegasus respectively, making them the mounted fighters of the army.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will launch on Nintendo Switch on June 24.

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