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Tractor-trailer drives to the water’s edge on Blush Hill – Waterbury Roundabout

A wayward tractor-trailer caused a one-time traffic jam at the Blush Hill boat launch this week when it came to a stop just yards from the water.

On Monday evening, boaters trying to get their vessels out of the water had to wait several hours before the big rig managed to get out of the way.

The incident drew the attention of onlookers to the water, but apparently did not result in any calls for help from authorities.

Vermont State Police, State Parks and city officials were subsequently unaware of the predicament, saying they had received no calls for help. or to report the situation.

Eyewitnesses said people on various boats, paddleboards and kayaks witnessed the curious scene, as many made their way to the boat access to get out of the water around 6 p.m.

The tractor-trailer had driven down Blush Hill Road in the state park parking lot almost to the end of the waterfront ramp.

“It was a shocking thing to see,” said George Eget, who was with a few friends on their boat Monday night and planned to be out of the water before dark. The tractor-trailer caught their attention and others near the boat launch. “There were guys fishing, paddle boarders – a lot of people were gawking.”

Eget said his group considered calling 9-1-1 but decided against it. “It didn’t seem like a serious emergency,” he said. “We thought we would let [the driver] to understand.

It took a while for the platform to clear. People on small craft such as kayaks and paddle boards were able to get out of the water, but those with boats to use the ramp had to wait.

Eget’s group didn’t get out and to their vehicles until well after dark and luckily, he said, they were parked on the road above the access, not in the parking lot behind. the stuck truck. When he left around 10 p.m., the truck was still there.

It was unclear whether this caused damage to other vehicles in the parking lot at the time. The wooden guardrail along the perimeter of the parking lot was damaged with a broken and broken section of its post. “We heard cracking and cracking,” recalls Eget.

Northeast State Parks Director of Operations Chad Ummel Ummell said parks staff have heard from multiple witnesses since Monday. “None, unfortunately, got a license plate number,” he said. The trucking company is a national business and officials are working to track down more information about the owner and operator of the truck, he said.

It was unclear why the truck was there on Monday.

The two-lane Blush Hill Road is posted with a weight limit of 24,000 pounds, making it 18-wheeler off-limits. About 1.5 miles of it is paved from the intersection with Vermont Route 100 north; it’s a gravel road for about another mile to its dead end at the boat launch and reservoir parking lot.

Waterbury Director of Public Works Bill Woodruff said the incident was highly unusual and acknowledged the road was not marked with any signs warning drivers it was not a through street . A “No Outlet” sign could be added, he said, but stressed he could not guarantee drivers would take notice.

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