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Trailer for documentary ‘Becoming a Queen’ about Toronto’s carnival queen

Trailer for documentary ‘Becoming a Queen’ about Toronto’s carnival queen

by Alex Billington
May 29, 2022
Source: Youtube

“Everyone wants to win.” Gravitas Ventures + Callowgrove Ent. revealed a trailer for a documentary film titled become a queen, made in Canada by filmmaker Chris Strikes. This will open on VOD in the US in June, following its premiere last year at a Canadian film festival. The film is described as an “intimate portrait of one woman’s quest to become Queen of Caribbean Carnival for an unprecedented tenth time in her final competition”. Through Joella Crichton lens, we explore expressions of identity, love and family through Caribbean art, against a larger society that often lacks understanding of its meaning. become a queen focuses on Joella’s attempt to win the Caribbean Carnival premier competition in Toronto for her 10th consecutive time. From concept to assembly, this film follows the exhaustive preparations of Joella, her costume designer Kenney Coombs, and the tight-knit team of her mother, Lou-Ann, and older sister, Mischka. It looks like a TV documentary, but it still seems fascinating to follow his story.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Chris Strikes’ doc become a queendirectly from Youtube:

Become a Queen Poster

Joelle is aiming to win for a historic tenth time in the premier competition of the Caribbean Carnival, in its final year. A tenth victory would forever solidify his legacy in the Canadian Caribbean community. Joella hopes to build on this legacy to be seen as an ambassador for the Caribbean Carnival, educating young people and society at large about its importance so that the dynamic event is seen as the art it truly is. Becoming a Queen takes us inside the famous city of Toronto Carnival, an annual celebration of Caribbean pride and identity in this ultra-multicultural city. Among the largest events of its kind, the Toronto Carnival attracts participants and tourists from the Caribbean, Europe and across North America. This extremely enjoyable and insightful film invites viewers to experience Carnival through the eyes of Joella and her tight-knit team. It’s the celebration of the year, steeped in meaning and significance. And at its center is the King & Queen competition that Joella has been preparing for. This is where the real art of carnival is found. become a queen is directed by Canadian filmmaker chris knocks, making his directorial debut after a number of shorts and music videos before. This premiered at the 2021 CaribbeanTales Film Festival last year. Gravitas will launch the doc directly on VOD on June 14, 2022 this summer – soon.

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