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Trailer hunt tied to Vic campers | Bunbury Courier

The man arrested for the suspicious disappearance of Victorian campers Russell Hill and Carol Clay may have sold his trailer, with police urging the new owner to come forward.

A man from Caroline Springs, 55, detained since Monday, is asked about the campers, who went missing 20 months ago in the state’s high country.

He was arrested Monday night by police at a remote campsite in Arbuckle Junction, 280 km northeast of Melbourne.

His four-wheel-drive Nissan Patrol has been seized, but police have yet to locate the man’s trailer.

Detectives believe the silver-colored trailer was sold last year between March and July and appealed to anyone who bought one that matched the description at the time, Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said.

“If they received one or bought one and… they have no idea who they bought it from or how they got hold of it – there could be something about it – if they could contact Crime Stoppers that would make them be fantastic, ”he told Melbourne 3AW radio on Thursday.

Mr Patton confirmed that the man, a captain of low-cost airline Jetstar, had previously been questioned by police before his dramatic arrest.

The Victoria Police chief stressed that there was “no urgency” to bring charges against him, noting that a person can be detained for “a reasonable period” with no limit set under the the crimes.

“We are not rushing into anything here,” he said.

Mr Hill and Ms Clay were last seen on March 20, 2020 while camping in the Victorian Alps.

Mr. Hill left his home in Drouin on March 19 and picked up Ms. Clay from her home in Pakenham in his white Toyota LandCruiser.

On March 20, Mr. Hill – an experienced outdoor enthusiast – made a high-frequency radio call saying he was in the Wonnangatta Valley.

Ms Clay, former president of the Victorian Countryside Women’s Association, told friends she was leaving and expected to return home on March 28 or 29.

Investigators learned that the couple were camping together on the Wonnangatta River, near the Wonnangatta Campground.

Campers found Mr. Hill’s car destroyed by fire at their campsite near the Dry River Creek Track on March 21.

The couple have not been seen or heard from since.

Multiple searches have been carried out in and around the Wonnangatta Valley, including with cadaver dogs.

Earlier this month, police released footage of a blue 4×4, believed to be a mid-to-late 1990s Nissan Patrol, taken by a security camera in the area as Mr Hill and Ms Clay are missing.

Witnesses reported a number of sightings of the vehicle, including near the campsite, as police have yet to locate the driver or have excluded him as a person of interest.

Police believe the couple may have had an argument with another camper, possibly the driver of the blue SUV.

He was towing a trailer and was heard making a 20-30 point turn on a narrow track the night the pair went missing.

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