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[Trailer] ‘Shadow Man: Remastered’ Now Available on PlayStation, Xbox; The Nintendo Switch version is coming next week

As horror fans know, the master himself, John Charpentier, turns 74 today. And, in case you didn’t know, John Carpenter is also a lifelong video game fan. After all, he lent his likeness to the 2002 video game sequel to The thing, but has also taken to Twitter from time to time to post his thoughts on the games he’s played.

A title that has received Carpenter’s praise is 343 Industries’ latest entry into the Halo series with Infinite Halo. Carpenter shared his thoughts on the Xbox shooter last night, going so far as to say the game is the best in the series.

This of course prompted responses from various people, including some of the designers themselves.

But, as we all know, man loves his horror. In a 2013 interview with Giant Bomb, Carpenter listed several of his favorites, which just so happened to include BioShock, the dead space series, The last of us and Quiet hill.

Would Carpenter ever make a video game? That remains to be seen, but Carpenter would be in on it. “I would love to work on an original video game,” Carpenter said in 2013. “Maybe the opportunity will come.”

During this time, Infinite Halo is available now on Xbox Series and PC, as well as Xbox Game Pass. The television adaptation of the series is expected later this year for Showtime. Pablo Schreiber (“American Gods”) is set to star as Master Chief, with Otto Bathurst on board to steer.

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