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Trailers 101 – A Free Guide to Semi-Trailers

What is the difference between the types of trailers? Which trailer is best for the job? What regulations should you be aware of? It’s surprising how often I get asked these questions as I work with companies large and small across the country.

Trailers are often the last piece of the puzzle for people in charge of fleet management and new team members are not always familiar with them. At the same time, trailers are a vital part of our supply chains and fleet managers don’t want them to be the reason that deadlines can’t be met.

That’s why we created Trailers 101, a simple, free resource that explains just about everything you need to know to get started. For example:

Premier Trailer Leasing is here for any questions you may have about trailers.
  • Did you know that whether your trailer has spring or air technology can impact your load and driver satisfaction?
  • Have you assessed if your refrigerated containers are equipped with air drops and what could be the difference in the management of your cold chains?
  • Do you consider your need for tail lifts early in the process, to avoid headaches later?
  • Additionally, have you considered your mix of owning, renting and renting, especially in times of unprecedented market demand?

From the most commonly used trailer types to industry terminology, maintenance practices, technologies and more, Trailers 101 gives you an overview of semi-trailers.

A practical guide for you and your team

We invite you to download the Trailers 101 guide as a refresher and onboarding tool for new team members now and in the future.

Derek Shawen

Industry veteran Derek Shawen has spent nearly two decades in the tractor-trailer business. With a background in operations and an eye for detail, he brings a wealth of experience to his clients as Vice President of National Accounts Operations and Special Projects at Premier Trailer Leasing. Derek loves passing on his expertise to newcomers to the industry. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Trailers 101

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